Nyle Steiner On The NuEVI Electronic Valve Instrument

This video captures Nyle Steiner, inventor of the classic Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI), trying out the new Berglund Instruments NuEVI.

Berglund says “The near-extinct creature known as the EVI (Nyle Steiner’s Electronic Valve Instrument) has been nourished and is returning to our world. ”

Video Summary:

Day one with the NuEVI. Video of his first in-person impressions, testing and lots of playing. Nyle has given his full blessing to this great instrument’s creation and has assisted as an official consultant.

It was a special and legendary experience to recently deliver to Nyle his own NuEVI… which came all the way from the brilliant programmer/designer/musician, Johan Berglund in Sweden.

We talked, tested and explored, and playing the instrument was so engaging, we kept getting distracted and just enjoyed the music… so there is a lot to see and hear.

See the Berglund Instruments FB page for updates.

3 thoughts on “Nyle Steiner On The NuEVI Electronic Valve Instrument

  1. As a long-time serious keyboardist, why is this thing making me tingle? Oh yeah, Nyle’s playing it! I’ve seen two musicians play EWIs live and nailing it in a big way. You never know who might make one fly. The NuEVI looks well-designed, especially with that smart use of an OLED. I’m more in favor of controllers that require at least some basic traditional technique, because woodwinds, guitar and percussion feel like the best leaping-off points for really flexible synthesis. If I had any lingering doubts about woodwind-style approaches, the music Nyle and co. played blew them out the door. I’m impressed.

  2. His mastery of that is impressive!! It’s a weird system, but clearly it does what it is supposed to do!!

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