4 thoughts on “Moog Grandmother Synthesizer Review

  1. I would normally hate this video for making me consider spending money, but since I already bought one of the Moogfest editions, I can probably let it slide this time.

    This synth is definitely not like other Moogs I own. It seems to want to go off on it’s own into weird soundscapes that Moogs don’t usually dip into. It certainly doesn’t have the low end presence but floats in a mid to high range that is…ethereal maybe? Hard to nail the sound down.

    You quickly go into weird spaces that none of the demos so far really show.

    I’m really happy that it is so different and would bet that this is going to be in the top 5 synths Moog has ever produced.

  2. Moog has been killing it with their synths for the last few years. It feels like the company spirit is in good hands, when you consider the Mother-32, the DFAM, the Subharmonicon, the Sub-37 and the Grandmother.

    All great instruments, not rehashes but things that shook up the industry a bit.

    I’m less convinced by their high end offerings, but there’s room for those, too, I guess.

    I know that everyone wants them to put out a new polysynth, but I’m more interested in what will be their new top monosynth.

    Can they top the Voyager? Nobody else really has.

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