Verbos Electronics Multi Delay Processor In-Depth Demo

Here’s an in-depth (40-minute) demo of the Verbos Electronics Multi Delay Processor.

It’s the first workshop video from our new room at SchneidersLaden – the Schneiders VideoTheke.

Video Summary:

This workshop is about the very first product by Verbos Electronics designed and manufactured in Berlin. All previous modules focused on old circuits and all analog designs – so this is also the first Verbos module that includes digital technology at its heart. There are eight digital delays clocked by an analog VCO with voltage control.

6 thoughts on “Verbos Electronics Multi Delay Processor In-Depth Demo

  1. It would be incredible for sound design but bordering on wreckless endangerment for live use. One lapse of concentration and you’ve just blown your equipment and damaged the hearing of half your audience.

  2. Vimeo is a big bunch of shit… sorry for that. This is a bad player, the video stops, screen turns black…. No one need‘s vimeo. Not staple. Use youtube….

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