Expressive E Intros Mercury Expansion For Touché Controller

Expressive E has introduced a new bank of presets for its unique expressive instrument, Touché.

Mercury is the first expansion pack for the Touché and is designed to widen the range of sonic possibilities offered by the combination of Touché and Lié, Touché’s companion software.

The Mercury expansion adds 80 new presets to Lié, with a strong focus on electronic and dance music genres.

Here’s the official video demos:

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Mercury is available not for 39,99€ / 39,99$.

2 thoughts on “Expressive E Intros Mercury Expansion For Touché Controller

  1. Really none for 7 or 8? Well guess I will have to pass then on this guy….really did want it one day though, but im not upgrading my OS for it.

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