Factorsynth Brings AI Tools To Ableton Live

Isotonik Studios has introduced Factorsynth – a macOS Max For Live device that uses machine learning to decompose sounds into elements. Once these elements you can modify and remix.

Factorsynth works on audio clips from your Live set that you have selected and loaded into Factorsynth. Once an audio clip has been selected and loaded into Factorsynth, it can then be decomposed into elements, using a technique called matrix factorization.

Factorization usually takes a few seconds, and can be performed while the Live set is playing. Once the factorization is ready, you can modify your sound in real time by modifying or recombining the extracted elements.

You can optionally load a second sound, for “cross-synthesis” with the first sound.

Pricing and Availability

Factorsynth is available for macOS, and a minimum of Ableton Live 9.7 & Max for Live 7, for US $57.38.

18 thoughts on “Factorsynth Brings AI Tools To Ableton Live

  1. Would love to know more about how this works! What’s the “AI” component? Is it working in the frequency domain? What sort of transforms are involved? Is there a paper explaining all of this? Thanks!

  2. I second the wish for this to be a VST! If Sureal Machines could do it with modnetic, so can you! : D Pretty please!!

  3. It’s similar to Accusonus ReGroover (https://accusonus.com/products/regroover) – it divides audio into elements using AI and lets you edit those elements. ReGroover’s feature set is focused on rhythm programming, while Factorsynth appears a more powerful tool for sound design with its cross synthesis features. The two would be a strong team.

    1. Excuse my ignorance, but why on earth are you using windows based pc for serious music production in the first place

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