Free Synth Module Collection, Geodesics, For VCV Rack

Developers Pyer and Marc Boulé have introduced Geodesics, a collection of free synth modules for VCV Rack, a free modular synthesizer.

The collection currently features four modules:

  • Black Holes is 8 vcas in two groups of 4, it’s also two mixers with 4 channels each.
  • Pulsars is a rotating 8 to 1 and 1 to 8 selectors with crossfades in between each signal.
  • Branes is 2 groups of seven S&H driven by the same trigger source. Triggers can be summed for polyrhythmic effects.
  • Ions is a two voices sequencer. While each voice has its own sequence, they can exchange their steps ‘as easily as an electron can jump from one atom to another.’

Here’s what the developers have to say about the modules:

The modules are loosely inspired by astronomic events and physical theories. The goal is just to see how science can inspire us to create new music.

?Every module must be feasible in the hardware world, interacting elements must be only knobs, buttons, LEDs and serigraphy. Right click must be avoided as much as possible

?For a more immersive concept, every parameter displayed uses terms related to the scientific phenomenon that inspires the module. It might be confusing at first but that’s
why the user manual is here.

While a lot of advanced science is involved, the final purpose is to create musical and creative instruments, effective and friendly to use.

Here’s an introduction to the modules, by Omri Cohen:

Geodesics modules are available from the VCV plugin manager. See the developer’s site for more information.

7 thoughts on “Free Synth Module Collection, Geodesics, For VCV Rack

  1. I’m really liking VCV Rack and a lot of the more professional styled modules both free and paid. I also own Softube Modular, Reaktor and have a large euroroack system. With a mid priced audio interface from MOTU etc, the ability to send CV signals out/into the computer from the rest of my gear in nothing short of amazing.

    I’d rank VCV Rack as No.1 above all the others based on price vs functionality vs ease of use with Softube Modular 2nd.

    1. Curious. How do MOTU interfaces handle the big voltages (both audio and DC) that modular pumps out? I’m looking to build a hybrid physical/digital modular system as well and I’m debating between using my multiple MOTU interfaces or something like an ES-8. I’m hoping to avoid having a pile of output modules. Thanks!

  2. Really enjoying VCV Rack!! Especially when linked up to my hardware eurorack system. Its a no brainer if you have an audio interface with DC coupled ins/outs and want to greatly expand your system without paying for doing so. I’ve bought a few commercial modules as well and been pleased.

    I also own Softube Modular and Reaktor, but VCV rack beats them hands down not just cuz its free, but also because ease of use and variety of modules that work extremely well with hardware equivalents.

    1. There’s a kind-of convention based on the colour outline of the port, but also VCV rack won’t let you connect an input to an input / output to an output. I think VCV rack is an incredible amount of fun and well worth a (free) try.

      1. Thanks I know, Im using vcv rack since a long time. I mean a simple label over a patch point would make this modules much easier to use…

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