Diego Stocco – ‘Made Of Sound’

Sound designer and composer Diego Stocco shared his latest video, Made Of Sound.

Made Of Sound focuses on Stocco’s interest in combining custom instruments with electronics as an approach to exploring sound. Throughout the video, he shares his perspectives on sound design, backing it all with the sounds of 17 custom-designed instruments.

And, as always with Stocco’s work, it’s brilliant and inspiring.

The unique instruments featured in the video include:

  • Constellation: A sculptural instrument based on a piece of wood I picked up in the desert. Combining pieces of wind chimes, a garden weasel, metal triangle, toy bell and body of a classical flute. Played with the back of a piano hammer.
  • Pressure Drum: A tom-tom drum with a synthetic skin, producing a low, thick tonal sound. Played backwards and with motion so that it pushes air pressure against the mic. The signal is then compressed and equalized to the point of tonal distortion.
  • Luminopiano: The Luminopiano is an instrument based on 8 light bulbs of different sizes. Inside each there‚Äôs an electret microphone specifically placed on the tungsten filament. It creates tonal and percussive sounds and its timbre is usually transformed with convolution processing.
  • Violino Saltato: A custom tuned violin amplified through a speaker placed inside a gramophone horn. Played with strong rhythmic movements, allowing the bow to jump on the strings, creating a compressed mid-range sound.

The last part of the video is a short composition for his unique orchestra. Details on all the instruments featured video are available at his site.

5 thoughts on “Diego Stocco – ‘Made Of Sound’

  1. It’s this kind of experimentation and thinking outside the box that got me into music….
    The integration of electronics and organic is superb….. an incredibly talented guy.

  2. Part of me would like to sample a few of his fascinating sounds, but that would be a bit pointless. 90% of the charm comes from the Diegosphere. Freeze-drying that as a snapshot just wouldn’t be the same. He’s part of what makes Omnisphere so righteous. His sounds inspire me to be a more flexible synth twiddler.

  3. I found this work to be a great video production.

    Search for Hermeto Pascoal, a Master in exploring the most varied elements to create music. So like the Japanese Master Kitaro.

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