Studio Electronics Intros Roland SE-02 EXT BOX

Studio Electronics has released the SE-02 EXT BOX – a companion to the Roland SE-02 synthesizer that adds expanded input and output, an adjustable high-pass filter, overdrive and additional control options.

It’s available in a black steel case, similar to the SE-02 itself, and with or without wood end-cheeks.


  • Variable high-pass filter with drive control, for severe distortion and gain boost with on/off switch
  • Interface to 1/4″ connections: external input/audio output
  • External Input 1/8″ and 1/4″ multed
  • Audio Output 1/8″ and 1/4″ multed
  • Secondary VCF CV input
  • Filter CV source switch: knob or secondary source selection—such as your modular
  • 3 Gate options: fixed gate switch, momentary gate switch (transformer), external gate input
  • Large filter control knob for smooth or sharp, highly articulated sweeps
  • Back panel 1/8″-1/4″ connections: 1/8” and 1/4″ inputs; 1/8” and 1/4” outputs
  • Din interconnect: Output, Ext Input, VCF CV, Gate (cable included)
  • True bypass
  • Eurorack voltage compatible
  • Interfaces with other desktop and modular synths
  • 12v 3 prong low profile power adapter: one socket space for the US supply; the EU/UK supply is slightly larger and heavier
  • Roland style metal sides option
  • SidesExotica wooden end cheek option

Pricing and Availability

The SE-02 EXT BOX is available now for US $139 with metal sides or for $165 with Paduak Sides.

via Thomas Chalan

8 thoughts on “Studio Electronics Intros Roland SE-02 EXT BOX

  1. It makes an interesting addition to the SE 02 but at the price for both it seems a little overpriced considering the the cramped space you have to work with on the synth although I’m really glad they have done this for those who have the SE 02 and like it.

  2. Cool, very nice extension for the SE-02 even if alone for the HP filter. The price is really nice compared to getting all these extension function as separate Eurorack modules. Also the mechanic format appears to be right (no actual info on their side) and match the SE-02. There are some minor things:
    – the HP filter and overdrive output are available only on the extension unit.
    – It seems you lose the analog output on the SE-02 since that is connected via the combined 4 patch cable to the extension unit. The original SE-02 output will still be available via the USB connector, but that’s no option for me. Its as yet not at all clear to me what happens with the original stereo analog output of the SE-02. For any mechanics electronics wizard (not me, but I could manage) it would be possible to put another original stereo output on the extension unit. Also not clear to me yet how the signal flow of the two units looks like.
    Still, looking forward with much interest to some in depth of friday fun videos (Nick?)

      1. In fact, the output from the Ext-box is MONO. I know this because I plugged my headphones into both output jack sockets and only heard sound from the left channel. I originally thought something was wired incorrectly in the Ext-box and contacted SE who told me to get a mono adapter for my headphones. I’m not sure exactly at what point in the signal chain the SE-02 becomes stereo, but it’s definitely a monosynth and the Ext-box is treating it as such. There are no panning or L/R signal controls or stereo effect controls on the SE-02 front panel.
        That said, that little synth sounds magical to my ears, and I’m comparing to both hardware units and virtual monosynths. The EXT box is great not only for the improved filter handling over CV but also because it gives you a convenient toggle to latch the gate so an external sound can be mixed with the SE-02’s sound (otherwise you need to hold down a key on the keyboard to hear the external input through the SE-02). Great fun!

  3. @Ad van Gerven, I’m not sure what is meant by “you lose the analog output on the SE-02″… the analog output is routed *through* the Ext-box, and what is gained is the signal chain from that unit (HP filter, drive) output to a mono signal. The output isn’t really *lost*, it’s just patched through an extra piece of gear, so the unfiltered sound of the SE-02 is still available through the Ext-box when its knobs are set to zero.

  4. Despite being HP (and not LP), this little box could be a really good companion for the 0-coast. The CV connectivity, along with an East Coast traditional style filter, plus overdrive could add up to lots of fun with an already-fun synth. The price is actually right on for something like this, especially considering all the inputs and outputs. Color me curious.

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