28 thoughts on “Moog One Firmware Update v1.0.1

  1. It’s going to take a firmware update that allows it to drive me to work or provide a place to sleep before I can afford the asking price. Would also settle for a van that doubles as a polysynth.

  2. A 1h 07 min video to present v1.0.1 update from 1.0.0… When v2.0.0 comes out, they’ll probably have to do a 48h livestream to introduce it!

  3. I’m glad that Moog appears to be doing well & continues to create instruments. Unfortunately this is an instrument that very few will ever acquire. It would be really nice if Moog would create rack/desktop versions of the Grandmother & the Sub37. Many musicians already have keyboards, or like myself, an alternate controller (in my case an EWI). We do not need the keyboard. The keyboard just adds an unnecessary expense. And with the much larger footprint, also takes up valuable space.

    1. Nobody makes rack-mount synths anymore because nobody buys them anymore.

      All-in-one Eurroack synths like the Mother 32 and the Behringer D are popular, but try to name some popular rack-mount synths.

        1. Like I said, try to name a popular rack-mount synth – not DIY projects and niche items.

          Sequential’s desktop synths are the probably the closest thing to a mainstream rack mountable synth at this point, and they’re not even rack-mountable without an optional rack-ears kit.

          So you’re confusing an optional accessory for a niche product from a niche synth maker with a mainstream product. 30 years ago, rack-mounted synths were mainstream products from Korg, Yamaha & Roland.

          The reality is that most people don’t like fiddling with the complexities of MIDI anymore. So things like rack-mount synths, multi-timbral synths, keyboard controllers with polyphonic aftertouch and basically anything that depends on the user having a deep understanding of MIDI have failed in the marketplace.

          1. For the sake of discussion (not argument), I am curious why you think MIDI is so complex that people wouldn’t buy a MIDI capable synth. The vast majority of synths incorporate MIDI. Programming a synth might also be considered complex, as well as learning the ins & outs of patching a modular system. I think a lot of synthesists appreciate complexity instead of avoiding it.

      1. As you said, the Behringer Model D is a popular synth. I believe that the Behringer Neutron is relatively popular too. Since there is a company that makes rack ears for them, both can be rackmounted. Like a fair number of other synths, these synths can also be mounted in a Eurorack case. Whether one is talking about the 19″ rack mount standard, Eurorack, or MOTM, etc., these synths can be rackmounted.

        1. Marc

          Again – try to name some popular rack-mount synths – not niche DIY workarounds for the fact that rackmount synths are a product nobody buys anymore.

          Actual rack-mount, like you are asking for. Rack-mount synths that are designed to be pulled out of the box and mounted in a rack.

          Companies aren’t making them anymore, because the mainstream audience doesn’t get the complexities of MIDI, and competition has forced companies to create even cheaper form-factors, like the Boutiques and the Volcas.

          We have to be realistic – the market has moved on.

          1. You do realize that the Boutiques and the Volcas incorporate MIDI right? I respectfully disagree with your assessment that MIDI is complex.

    1. Is it so hard for you to think that synthesists might actually save up some money to buy a good synth?

      Funny how so many so-called synth fans are so insecure that they want to blame the existence of something like the Moog One on ‘collectors’ or ‘trust fund babies’. This synth is a strong candidate for the best analog synth currently in production and it’s sad to see so many people whining about it.

      Some people do just work hard and save up their money for nice instruments. I’m not planning on getting a Moog One, but probably have just as much invested in my modular at this point.

    2. I have it. I use it. I am paying for it with financing. 0% over 2 years isn’t that bad… so, yes, thank you, Moog for getting an update out so quickly.

      1. Good for you, next year another Moog comes out maybe in same price range with more features.

        Buying such synthesizer from Moog is like buying a car, when you carry it out from the store it has already lost 10 % value, so you cannot really call it an good investment [Only if you actually earn money on using it, which is not the case for most users here on Synthtopia] … good luck!

  4. All this fussing about how much this instrument costs! We are lucky to have quality reproducible instruments in our line of work/fun. Think about what a talented violinist, brass or woodwind player, or pianist must spend to get a top-tier instrument in his or her hands. Honestly, $8,000 is not so bad to spend on such a goal.
    Now, if YOU don’t think this is a top-tier instrument for you, that’s OK too. But if an instrument maker cannot command a price commensurate with the skill, knowledge and pedigree he/she possesses, neither the maker nor the state of the art will advance.

  5. I can’t understand the sour-grapes about the Moog One. No one seems to moan about the price of a USED Jupiter 8. Moog spent YEARS developing this, a flagship synth. They aren’t working on a collective farm. They have to recoup the costs of development and pay for production. The fact that they are adding more features shows their commitment to the product.

    Another thing, Moog gear LASTS. It is built to last. I have a several Moogs some of which are over ten years old and they have outlived other synths I own which suddenly one day stopped working (I won’t name the synths, I am sad they died) So the Moog One would be a synth that would last of a long time. And if there is a problem or you need an upgrade of some sort Moog will be happy to sort you out.

    Last point, all the cool stuff the Moog One has and can do will eventually trickle down in to other (cheaper) Moog products, as well as setting a new standard others will try to immulate.

    PS Don’t disrespect The Mighty Amos. He has forgotten more about synths than most of us will ever know.

  6. ”Moog Music has released a free firmware update” > Yeah you couldn’t expect less than a free update for the price that the users paid for the device alone? 😀

    1. It’s great to see synth makers being more focused on updating synths to fix any bugs or to add features.

      The DSI Pro 2 update was completely unexpected but welcome and makes it a more interesting synth. Novation s steady stream of updates for there gear have been awesome too.

      Good to see Moog continuing this trend.

      How much goodwill did DSI blow by not updating the Tempest, or Roland by abandoning the System-1 so quickly?

  7. If you ain’t got the do re mi, boys, you ain’t got the do re mi,
    Why, you better go back to beautiful Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee.
    Moog One is a garden of Eden, a paradise to play or see;
    But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot
    If you ain’t got the do re mi.

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