14 thoughts on “Recreating The Iconic Vangelis Blade Runner Brass Sound On A MicroKorg

    1. because modern synth websites make you think that to recreate the blade runner sound you need an expensive $3000 polysynth or some kinda deckards dream. but this vid shows you that you can get pretty close on a $150 microkorg

  1. Sounds good but that ain’t no CS-80! I fear that we’re forgetting what real synths sound like, just like we’re eating GMO food with all the flavor gone, thinking that a city park is nature, and listening to music on crappy smartphone speakers.

  2. As I’ve said before, OG MK (MS2000) sounds better than most digital synths released today, which is why they haven’t touched the engine (even for more polyphony) in ~20 years – they know they would screw something up.

  3. for 4 days everyone is talking about the leaked apc live – in sharp contrast with synthtopia. even mister nda, nick batt, has brought up the topic at sonic state. why is here radio silence about the matter?

    1. Just checked Sonic State – there’s no mention of it on the front page. It’s not even in the most read or popular for the week.

  4. I prefer good music made with plugins over bad music made with analog synths. The difference is: Vangelis and also the guy with the MicroKorg did something, while others are only talking. They hype iconic old records and destroy new records from the same guys, if made with plugins or Microkorgs. The world is moving ….

  5. Thats is similar sound (nice sound design btw), but really very far from CS-80. This kind of sound you can make almost on every synth. Its really hard to get good sounding oscillator. And VA don’t sound so good like real one. Try some ACL stuff or a lot of Modular oscillators in the price range of 500 euro. You can find a lot of good sounding oscillators. Just make very similar comparison and you’ll be find difference. I love VA and plugins but also I love sound of discrete oscillators. They sounding really cool.
    And other way – I’m little tired of Vangelis Blade Runner cloners. It is like Stairway to Heaven played on every guitar. It is boring, really. Also you need to consider that sound from Blade Runner CD is now kind of lo-fi sound, also degraded by tape recording. When mastering with artefaction of remove wooble effects. So. It is really hard to tell how BR would be like sounding with todays recording standards. And BR2049 its not helping since Zebra was heavy used so, you can’t tell when CS-80 is played when not.
    And additionaly there is Vangelis hand. It is like guitarist hand. This is very individual.

  6. Nice tutorial. Hopefully no one complains that it’s not a CS 80,because who realistically expects a 250 dollar VA synth to sound like a super rare classic analog that virtually no one has or could afford?

  7. Great sounding and very clear tutorial. To those who say it is nothing like the CS-80, well…that is a CS-80! It’s similar to not liking a violin solo on a million dollar violin because it is not a multi million dollar Stradivarius.

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