How To Use Overbridge 2 With Ableton Live

Dutch synthesist Dave Mech shared this quick look at using Overbridge 2 with Ableton Live.

Topics covered:

0:22 Instrument settings

0:41 Ableton Live audio routing

3:10 Ableton Live MIDI routing

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If you’re using Overbridge 2, share how you’re using it – and how it’s working for you – in the comments.


4 thoughts on “How To Use Overbridge 2 With Ableton Live

  1. I have trouble even after following the rules. I have my Analog Four Mk2 plugged in through usb. The audio comes through only when I use my Imac Speakers for audio out, if I use my Apollo Twin as my audio output then no audio through ableton.

  2. Is overbridge 2 out of public beta ?
    That shit doesnt work on 2 of my computer. 1/6 of the things i try to do kills ableton

  3. Works perfect, except that it does not keep my hardware in sync.

    I can split all the 8 audio channels of DT into separate channels, edit and add FX and then send out the 8 channels separate over my mixer if I wanted and then EQ or add analogue FX and then record master mix in Ableton.

    Works like a charm except for the hardware latency issue, however I think someone already had suggestions for that.

    I have win10, however on a mac I could not get it to work.

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