WORNG Electronics Intros SoundStage Eurorack Spectral Stereo Mixer

WORNG Electronics has introduced the SoundStage Spectral Stereo Mixer for Eurorack modular systems.

The Soundstage takes a unique approach to mixing. Here’s what they have to say about it:

SoundStage is the first Eurorack mixer designed to place your sounds in their own frequency space as well as stereo space just by patching.

Rather than copying the traditional desktop mixer format, SoundStage’s 21 inputs have carefully chosen fixed input gain, pan position and high and low pass filtering, so you can build your mix with clarity and precision just by patching in.

Patching to an input on the left or right side of the module will pans that voice to the corresponding side, with wider panning on the upper rows than the lower to optimise separation between voices.

Patching into a higher or lower row chooses which combination of the twenty fixed frequency resonant analogue high and low pass filters the voice passes through. Lower rows emphasise low frequencies and higher rows higher frequencies, with the different bands carefully chosen to build a full sounding mix with clarity and separation.

The control section allows fine adjustment of the filter depth and output level, with bipolar CV control of both to allow for creative voltage control. High quality VCAs and opamps are used throughout the signal path for studio quality sound.

Pricing and Availability

SoundStage has a suggested retail price of US$350 and will be shipping in early May. WORNG Electronics will be exhibiting and demonstrating SoundStage at Superbooth 2019. See their site for additional information.

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    1. I like the lofi graphics. While similar to Make noise panels, I think Look Mum No Computer. Some of us are ocd with our aesthetic choices and would fit in great with a Make Noise heavy setup.

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