Live Game Boy Music Performance By Glasys

Sunday Synth Jam: Gil Assayas, aka GLASYS, shared this synth jam, performing Contra, from the Game Boy title Operation C.

Here’s what Assayas has to say about the performance:

I grew up playing video games. Mostly on Gameboy, because we didn’t own a fancier system at the time.

I decided to cover some of my favorite tunes from the games I played as a kid, and the first one is the “Contra” theme, performed live on a Sequential Prophet XL.

I also used the Polyverse Gatekeeper plugin on the bass for the gated sound.

This game (named “Operation C”) was released in 1991 by Konami, and I played it virtually to death (literally – it was a really difficult game).

3 thoughts on “Live Game Boy Music Performance By Glasys

  1. Um…always liked the other song on that different level of the nintendo game…n ya took a while to finally beat it…but ya great work that was awesome playing…u ever cover any Tubeway Army stuff??? , Gary Neuman…

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