Deckards Voice Brings Classic Yamaha CS Sound To Eurorack

Black Corporation developer Roman Filippov today announced Deckard’s Voice, an entry-level semi-modular synth for Eurorack systems:

Sharing the same paradigm and circuit as its bigger brother, Deckard’s Dream, trimmed down for Eurorack and supplemented with the flexibility available only in a modular format.

The module appears to be a modern take on a single CS-60 voice. The original CS-80 offered 8 sets of two independent voices, so it was capable of richer and more complex sounds. It seems reasonable to expect that the Deckard’s Voice will be able to make many classic CS-like sounds – but it will require dual Deckard’s Voice, plus additional modules, to approximate the sonic possibilities of a single voice of the CS-80.

Audio demos – along with pricing and availability – are still to come.

8 thoughts on “Deckards Voice Brings Classic Yamaha CS Sound To Eurorack

  1. see, my problem with this is that if I buy one of these its just going to convince me to buy a Deckard’s Dream because I have no self control.

    1. Lol no lie.

      The Deckard’s Dream sounds as good as any synth out there right now, and there are a LOT of great synths right now!

      1. While this instrument is quite lovely, as an owner of an actual CS-80, I cannot fully agree that it sounds like one. There is a magic to the connectivity of the keyboard with it’s TRUE polyphonic aftertouch as well as the brilliant ribbon controller, and there symbiosis with the ring modulator and such that without them, makes this instrument significantly different.

        1. God, what would the world be without someone to remind us poor plebs about the symbioses we’re missing out on. My Deckards sounds great, and sounds really good next to a CS-80. How about if you just let us have this one?

  2. How is that a good idea? The “CS-80 sound” everyone raves about is mostly due to the polyphony and expressiveness of the synth. Let’s wait until we hear it in action, but I seriously doubt this module can stand out among the countless single-vco synth voice modules already out there…

    1. Mmmm – there have been millions of polyphonic synths made in the last 50 years, and none sounds like the CS synths.

      The CS synth voice is beautiful, regardless of polyphony. Arguably the most famous use of the CS-80 is the monophonic lead of the Blade Runner main titles!

  3. i got to play with a deckard’s dream, the sound is completely mind blowing, i don’t know what it is about that machine, it’s just pure magic. this is such awesome news. there’s no question that playing poly is fantastic but i also found myself playing single melody lines as much a chords, like say the blade runner string melody etc. thanks black corp, this is awesome.

  4. Ofcourse Blade Runner comes to mind (RIP Rutger Hauer) but try give the brittish Super Progrock Band “UK” with the “In the Dead Of Night” and “Alaska” a spin – well ofcourse also the green album “Zinc” from the same Keyboardplayer -Eddie Jobson – and you will know why the CS-80 is THE defacto “Greatest Synth of all times”

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