IK Multimedia Intros iRig Keys 2

IK Multimedia has introduced the iRig Keys 2 series of mobile MIDI keyboard controllers.

Building upon the features of IK’s original iRig Keys series, these new controllers offer new ways to connect and control, updated compatibility, and a new look.

The iRig Keys 2 Pro offers 37 full size velocity-sensitive keys, and the iRig Keys 2 features 37 velocity-sensitive mini keys for backpack portability or use in restricted spaces.

Each model comes equipped with a variety of top panel performance controls plus MIDI IN/OUT for use as a stand-alone MIDI controller.

In addition to offering laptop and desktop compatibility, these ultra-slim MFi (Made For iPhone) controllers connect directly to iPhone/iPad and most Android models*. They also include a dedicated audio output to connect speakers or headphones – especially useful for the owners of newer iPhone models.

A selection of powerful music-making apps is bundled with each controller, as well as an assortment of cables.

Onboard MIDI input and output enable users to control stand-alone gear and more. While being used with a computer or mobile device, iRig Keys 2 controllers can also act as a MIDI interface to streamline an entire rig.

Each controller can be powered by a computer or mobile device, USB power supply, or USB battery pack, for reliable control whether in a studio or classroom, during a performance, while traveling, or even outdoors.

For additional musical expression, the rear panel also features an external pedal input.

Top panel customization and control

Controls for programming and performance are easily accessible from the top panel. They include modulation and pitch bend wheels, volume control, octave up/down buttons, a data push encoder, and a variety of other function buttons. Custom settings can be programmed to four assignable knobs for easy access to favorite performance parameters.

An Edit mode lets you personalize the controllers and recall preferred settings with the touch of a button. Options include keyboard transpose, touch sensitivity customization, MIDI channel change, customized knob assignments, and more. All changes can also be saved into Sets using the Set button, for instant recall.

Both iRig Keys 2 models work directly out of the box with iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC, and are compatible with most Android devices*.

A new headphone output can be used for silent practice or composition, especially while using newer iPhone models. The audio out can also be used to connect speakers for increased volume and audio quality that surpasses a device’s built-in speakers.

* Requires micro-USB to OTG or micro-USB to USB-C cables, sold separately.

Pricing and Availability

Both iRig Keys 2 models are available now from the IK Multimedia online store and from authorized IK dealers worldwide for $/€129.99** (iRig Keys 2) and $/€149.99** (iRig Keys 2 Pro).

10 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Intros iRig Keys 2

  1. It’s really good to see serial MIDI ports (even if they’re 2.5mm TRS) in the latest crop of compact keyboards. There was a point where MIDI was fading out simply because there wasn’t a wiring standard for TRS jacks and DIN simply didn’t fit into modern compact cases (a standard MIDI jack requires 20mm clearance above the board. That’s a lot of empty space in the case or a weird lump at the back).

  2. Audio out for ios is also a feature that has been needed in these lower priced portable keyboards. Needing a powered usb hub and an awkward nest of adapters to get both audio and midi out of an ipad kind of defeats the whole idea of portability.

  3. This is maybe the worst music I’ve ever heard on a gear demo. Incredible. Would be nice if the keybed wasn’t garbage, since there’s literally no other low-footprint 37-key controller with wheels on the market. But at this price point I’m
    not hopeful.

    1. There is the Korg Microkey which has wheels .. but it’s action is even worse. I have both the old white
      IK and the Microkey Air .. the IK is definitely the better action of the two ..

  4. Still prefer the Keystep. MIDI serial I/O, CV/Gate, Sequencer, Arpeggiator, sequencer storage and more for around $100. Not to mention how solid and compact they are for touring.

    1. Yup, what he said. I am also adding an internal rechargeable battery pack because I like to use the DIN sockets. Not a fan of USB power or the external power supply. Arturia are you listening?

  5. Both iRig Keys 2 models work directly out of the box with iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC, and are compatible with most Android devices*.

    And then…

    * Requires micro-USB to OTG or micro-USB to USB-C cables, sold separately.

    Sigh @ IK Marketing.

    1. That seems accurate. Works directly out of the box with iOS and is compatible with Android if you buy some cables.

      Though perhaps with a newer Mac or iPad you need to buy a USB C cable or use a USB A to C adapter? Is that your complaint?

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