Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Magnus 5U Module

Here’s an audio demo, via synthesist John L Rice, of the Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Magnus module.

The Cursus Iteritas Magnus is part of Noise Engineering’s expanding line of 5U modules.

“This is such a versatile oscillator and can produce simple pure tones to very rich complex ones,” notes Rice. “Its output is great for filter using subtractive synthesis techniques, but I didn’t use any filters in this video at all, just lots of modulation sources and reverb/delay effects.”

Here what Rice shared about the technical details:

Noise Engineering: Cursus Iteritas Magnus
Krisp1: OCTO-Osc
Marienberg Devices: VC Sine Phase Oscillator
Club Of The Knobs C969
Synth Tech: MOTM 320, 380, 650
Moon Modular: 569 x 2, 569LE, 592, 565
Strymon: BigSky, Timeline
Lexicon: MX400
Roland: A-88
Allen Heath: MixWizard 20S
Canon: C100 MkII cameras and CN-E lenses
Sony: Vegas Pro 13

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