One Take Analog Synth Jam With Jamiroquai’s Matt Johnson

Sunday Synth Jam: Jamiroquai’s Matt Johnson shared this analog synth jam, featuring the Moog One, Minimoog, DSI Tempest, OBXa, Vintage Vibe 64 Piano and Vibanet.

“I gave myself 2 hours to improvise a piece,” he notes, “using the Moog One and other analogue instruments including DSI Tempest, Minimoog, Vintage Vibe Vibanet and 64 Deluxe. All one take no fixes, I hope you enjoy!”

The video intercuts sections from each take, which lets you see his approach to each instrument.

8 thoughts on “One Take Analog Synth Jam With Jamiroquai’s Matt Johnson

  1. Most of the description in this piece is fog candy. ‘… All one take no fixes …’ the next line says ‘…The video intercuts sections from each take…’. So, which is it? 1 take or a series of takes? Maybe Matt Johnson has a twin brother. Also, the use of the word ‘Jam’ seems to imply more than 1 person. Or is he just jamming with his synths? I recently saw a video from Benny and Bjorn from ABBA, Benny says it is more than 95% rubbish that he makes – 3 minutes a month of good stuff. The first 3 minutes of this interview –

    1. I think it’s quite clear from his explanation, he hasn’t allowed himself to retake any parts or to splice in any corrections.

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