CVquencer Turns Your iPad Into A Step Sequencer

Developer Alan Clifton has introduced CVquencer, a step sequencer that can control analog synthesizers using CV/Gate via a suitable audio interface, output MIDI to external instruments, control synthesizer apps running on your iPad, or run stand-alone using its internal sample-based synthesizer.

CVquencer has four layers, each consisting of 16 steps. Each step has an eight stage gate sequencer controlling how it will repeat: individual repeats can be set to a rest, a note or tied to the next repeat. Note length, timing, velocity, modulation, playback probability and glide can all be set per step.

Each layer has its own clock divider and playback direction. Combined with the step repeats this allows CVquencer to create patterns that are more complex than typical step sequencers.

The developer notes:

  • To use CV/Gate an appropriate DC-coupled audio interface and suitable cables are required.
  • CVquencer does not function as an Audio Unit plugin, since it requires multi-channel access to an audio interface when generating CV/Gate signals.

Pricing and Availability

CVquencer is available now for $9.99 USD.

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