Joranalogue Generate 3, Universal Signal Generator, Now Available

Joranalogue Audio Design has announced that Generate 3, its universal signal generator module, is now available worldwide. First announced last spring at Superbooth 2019, Generate 3 gives the user full through-zero control over all aspects of electronic sound: frequency, amplitude, phase and timbre, for the first time in an analog oscillator.

‘Synth DiY Guy’ Quincas Moreira has published a detailed Generate 3 overview video:

Generate 3 Key Features:

  • High-stability precision analogue triangle-core VC(LF)O with fine and coarse tuning.
  • Waveform outputs: core (triangle), fundamental (sine), even (saw), odd and full (mix of timbral channels).
  • 1 volt/octave pitch tracking over the full audio range.
  • Exponential frequency modulation with polariser knob.
  • Through-zero linear frequency modulation with symmetry/modulation polariser knob, and AC-coupling and bias switches.
  • Through-zero phase modulation with 900° of shift range.
  • Through-zero amplitude modulation of three timbral channels: fundamental, even and odd harmonics.
  • Two simultaneous oscillator synchronisation types: reset (hard sync) and flip (soft sync).
  • LF mode for LFO use. Ultra-wide total frequency range: 2.8 mHz (6 minutes) to 27 kHz, a range of nearly 10,000,000:1!
  • Impedance-compensated outputs with dual-colour LEDs.
  • Trim potentiometer accessible from the front panel.
  • Precision-milled 2 mm anodised aluminium front panel with high-resolution, non-erasable graphics.
  • Bullet-proof design: polarised power header and MOSFET protection circuit.
  • Includes 16-to-10-pin Eurorack power ribbon cable.
  • Premium mounting hardware: black screws, black nylon washers and matching hex key.
  • High-quality components and assembly; designed and made in Belgium.


Pricing and Availability. Joranalogue Audio Design’s Generate 3 ($350 US) is available at Eurorack dealers worldwide, including new Joranalogue dealers Moog Audio in Canada, and Juno Records in the United Kingdom.

More information is available at the Joranalogue website.

9 thoughts on “Joranalogue Generate 3, Universal Signal Generator, Now Available

  1. Why are oscillators so expensive? For the same price as this one you can buy an 8 core cpu operating in the ghz range. I don’t get it.

    1. Those CPUs are made in large quantities on factory lines in low-wage countries by underpaid employees barely getting by so billion dollar companies scrounging materials at the lowest cost, at times even using child labour to press the price as much as possible to maximize profits to please shareholders and CEO’s.

      A eurorack modular oscillator like this is handmade by a tiny team of people in Europe.

      Small difference.

        1. Ireland and the US might have fabs for the wavers, but that’s just one step in the production of chips and the most automated one at that.

          ‘Among other places’ being assembly sites in China, Malaysia or the Philippines.

          Let’s not forget about third party assembly lines such as those at Foxconn where suicide rates are at an all time high. Or the resources needed to make these chips mined in open-air mines by kids as young as 6.

          But whatever…

          1. There’s an amazing amount of BS in this comment masquerading as fact, to the point that it’s like a Russian nesting doll of misinformation.

            Tackling the biggest layer of BS, though – the suicide rate at Foxconn got a lot of attention 5 years ago in the press and there was a lot of judgmental pointing of fingers, but the suicide rate at its peak was less than half the rate for the United States as a whole.

            Lots of room for improvement in China, across the board, but if you want to talk about dangerous jobs, take a look at logging in the US. 10 times the fatality rate of cops

            1. “but the suicide rate at its peak was less than half the rate for the United States as a whole.”

              Statistics involving suicide rates of an entire country compared to a single company are obviously not comparable. The rate has certainly come down in recent years due to the amount of media attention it has gotten, requiring Foxconn to not improve their working circumstances, but rather simply making it more difficult to commit suicide on work premises, such as installing safety nets alongside the building to catch jumpers.

              Talking solely about numbers also ignores the numerous failed suicide attempts and poor working circumstances and extremely underpaid labor these people perform, with working weeks upwards to 100 hours. Surely if a US company were to install suicide-safety nets you’d start to ask questions about their employees well being?

              “if you want to talk about dangerous jobs, take a look at logging in the US. 10 times the fatality rate of cops”

              No one was talking about what job is most dangerous, it was about the difference of labor cost and ethics involved regarding a eurorack manufacturer and a massive company akin to Intel. Being able to point out other issues you consider worse does not negate these issues from being problematic or existing.

              Employees actively committing suicide due to poor work circumstances and people dying due to dangerous work circumstances are two entirely different things. Committing suicide is not something you do because your job is dangerous, it’s something you do because you’re hopeless and desperate and see no end in life. How you can compare that to workplace accidents is beyond me.

              The situation at Foxconn is just one of many many issues in mass production of chips and while this is definitely not the place to discuss these issues, you can’t deny how worrisome they are.

      1. Well put poopy.. you want Boutique quality you should pay for it. If you want mass produced quality fine do the same, and if you want absolute shit go spend low money on cheap slave labor / communist made products. its pretty simple.

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