Korg Intros Four MS-20 FS Synthesizers

Ahead of the 2020 NAMM Show, Korg has announced four new MS-20 FS synthesizers.

Korg says “we have resumed production of a completely assembled full-size MS-20, which had in 2014 been produced only in very small numbers as a kit.”

The full-size reissue will consist of limited numbers of four different powder-coated color variations: khaki (KHAKI), white (WHITE), metallic blue (MBLUE), and black (BLACK).


  • Full-sized MS-20 made by KORG.
  • Four different color variations in a powder-coated finish.
  • Provides two types of filter: early model and late model.
  • Completely reproduces the analog circuitry of the time.
    • 2VCO / 2VCA / 2VCF / 2EG / 1LFO structure.
    • External Signal Processor (ESP) to process an external signal.
    • Patching system provides an extremely high degree of freedom.
  • MIDI IN connector and USB port are provided.
  • AC adaptor.

The original is reproduced in every detail, including the package finish and the included manual.

Pricing and Availability

The Korg MS-20 FS is expected to be available in April. Pricing is to be announced.

41 thoughts on “Korg Intros Four MS-20 FS Synthesizers

  1. I wonder if the “reproduction in every detail” also means THT, or just the outer appearance. Probably the latter. Meh

    1. I have the MS-20 “Kit” and it has a switch on the filter board inside to select which filter you want. Thought about putting a switch on the outside like many have done withe the Kit.

  2. Korg is making some baller moves this year.

    I’d be surprised if they don’t have a few more cards to play, too.

    I’m a little behind the times – I just got a Prologue. So far, very impressed by how good it sounds and how easy it is to use. Looking forward to digging into the multi-engine stuff more.

  3. Excited for this! I miss my vintage MS-20 thought I could replace it with the mini but did not like it so got the MS-20M that was cool but a little to modern and sterile, then tried the K-20 that was a great price nice vintage sound but not the mojo & tone of the original. So maybe this will be the one for me as I really don’t want to deal with vintage gear anymore but love the sound.

    1. Good luck getting one. All the cool stuff Korg have released this year, bar the Wavestate and pianos, is limited run.

    1. They should’ve at least added the Hz/V to V/Oct converters from the Module kit. Why this or the Behringer version didn’t do that seems like a rather dumb oversight.

      1. PWM would have been nice… is there really such an insatiable demand for MS-20s? I guess it’s only a matter of time before the FS gets cloned!

  4. As long as Korg sorts out the popping issue you got with the ms20 kit between different octaves on each oscillators, then they have a winner.That was the most annoying thing about it.

  5. 2 thoughts:

    1) This is a full on blood bath between Korg and Behringer. There’ll be only one survivor

    2) The world surely has enough “MS20” already.

    1. Not sure about that – Behringer’s K-2 is sort of the MS-20 for people that just want something cheap, where these are clearly nice synths.

      Behringer synths lose half their value in a year, so they just seem to be a very different value proposition.

      1. “Behringer synths lose half their value in a year, so they just seem to be a very different value proposition.” like all the second hand stuff should be.

  6. Why again with the limited numbers bullshit. Basically, once again only a few lucky people will own them. Still out of reach of most people. Absolute rubbish. I’ll assume withina day of this announcement, all preorders will be booked and you don’t have a hope of owning one… yet again

  7. Hmmm, Khaki. I like it. Maybe mask some serial numbers on, some warning strips in black and gold… and a sticker selection of industrial dance acts from the late 80’s to early 90’s. Yes. That’s going to work.

    1. if it’s that high i think they can’t pretend to compete with the Poly D or whatever keyboard synth behry does next. Ms20 is cool definitely but a lot fo the sound can literally be achieved with a monotron funny enough, same osc and filter. that’s why i dont know why anybody’s pay 1500.

  8. Cool. Very nice Korg. I’m curious about the price.

    I do like my Korg MS-20 mini, which is just as powerful as the original MS-20 (even more so with MIDI). So, there is no need for one of these new full size units.

    I do like the MS-20 with the blue color. Maybe I can spray paint the panel on my MS-20 mini.

  9. Hilarious. Had the MS-20 1982 – 2005, now got the 20M desktop, need to get the VCO2 CV and socket mods. Nota bene, my 1982 MS-20 set me back $636US. Curious to see what they’ll ask for this lot.

  10. Yet Korg has failed to clone reproduce the 1929 RCA Theremin . . .

    Haven’t the already done the MS 20 more than enough times???

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