Free Arturia MicroFreak Update Adds New Synthesis & Performance Options

2020 NAMM Show: Arturia has released a free update for the MicroFreak synthesizer.

Arturia MicroFreak 2.0 adds new synthesis options, updated performance features and 64 new presets.

Here’s what’s new in MicroFreak 2.0:

  • Noise Oscillator – Morph between particle noise, white noise, and a metallic noise.
  • Chord Mode – Hold Paraphony and press keys to record Chord.
  • Scale quantization – The “white notes” on the keyboard can play whichever scale you have selected.
  • Matrix Initialize – Hold the Shift and perform a long press on the encoder, and it will clear.
  • 64 New Presets – Loads of exciting sounds to explore using the new oscillator and features.
  • Sequencer – Copy Pattern A to Pattern B

Other improvements:

  • Added visual feedback when Local Control is OFF
  • Local Control now handles USB to MIDI Out
  • Release of previously playing preset is cleared when switching presets
  • Sequencer – Record LED now blinks on each beat instead of 16ths

The update is available now as a free download.

8 thoughts on “Free Arturia MicroFreak Update Adds New Synthesis & Performance Options

  1. It’s a bit pretentious to call that 2.0 when all the update adds is a mere new algorithm (and a very uninspired one at that) and a few extra little bits and bobs… Sounds more like a 1.2 to me.

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