Vintage Roland JX-8P Synthesizer vs Modern Jupiter-X Sound Comparison

This video, via Mr Tuna Music, offers a head-to-head comparison of the sound of a vintage Roland JX-8P vs a modern Roland Jupiter-X synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about the comparison:

The new Roland Jupiter-X contains approximations of their famous vintage hardware synths including the JX-8P.

Many of the JX-8P stock patches have been recreated on the JP-X, and I have had requests to compare them directly– so let’s do it!

No doubt there’s some big differences here, but in my opinion the Jupiter definitely manages to pull off that classic 8P vibe.

There are no added effects or processing to either the JX or the JP, although the “Juno Chorus” in the master effects section of the X remains on throughout the comparison.

Check it out and share your thoughts on the comparison in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Vintage Roland JX-8P Synthesizer vs Modern Jupiter-X Sound Comparison

  1. The Jupiter-X has the same sound engine as the Jupiter Xm. Other than the bigger, Jupiter 8 looking panel and a 5 octave full-size keyboard, what do you get for $1,000 more? Anything else?

  2. The JX-8P sounds much brighter and the Cross Mod is alot more coherent sounding. I’m guessing the Jupiter X is bandlimited and analog currently does audio rate modulation better. Their general tone is close enough I suppose but there’s no question that the real thing sounds “better”. Also spotted some aliasing on the Jupiter X at 11:55, the JX-8P sounds much better there.

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