5 thoughts on “Elektron Model:Cycles & Model:Samples Synth Jam

  1. ace. i always tried to compare these with the digitakt or digitone, and lots of folks do this, which is kinda unfair / wrong. its two simplified versions, yes – but with immediate control of essential functions, stripped down to the max = perfect for live. i could listen and watch this for hours, jamming with a bunch of preprogrammed (starting of..) patterns in that way is exactly what i’d wanna do / hear from somebody else – opposed to live sets with fully arranged song structures or boring probability based patterns with some mute unmute once in a while while they’re “modulating” lifeless sequences on a modular synth. the digis are powerful workstations for the studio (overbridge…) but the 2 models imho are perfect for on the road and for live usage, also because of their weight. and you can get both used or even new for the price of one other, so i definitly would not complain about that 🙂
    not to forget, this might much more be suited for beginners or amateurs who just wanna have (intuitive) fun rather than with the digitakts steep learning curve.

  2. One Digitakt cost less than both of Elektons put together and does much, much more.
    I know which one I’ll be buying

    1. thomann lists the digi for 699. both models are 299 & 333, which is 70 euros cheaper.
      of course it does more, but that wasnt my point at all.

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