Birdkids Intros offGrid Mobile MIDI Controller

Birdkids has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of a new mobile MIDI controller, offGrid.

It connects to your iOS, Android, maOS or Windows device wirelessly through Bluetooth (BLE) or via USB Type-C.


  • 4×4 grid of assignable LED-backlit, pressure-sensitive pads.
  • 2×2 grid of assignable, color-customizable, LED-backlit, pressure-sensitive pads.
  • Shift / secondary function Toggle.
  • Multi-directional, modulation Joystick.
  • USB Type-C plug.
  • Primary Battery Clip (minimum 10h operation in full use).
  • Rechargeable Battery Connector (minimum 10h operation on single charge @ 2500mAh).
  • Bluetooth BLE (5.0)
  • Low latency MIDI/OSC optimization
  • Machine Learning Core, low-power optimized 3D Accelerometer.
  • Machine Learning Core, low-power optimized 3D Gyroscope.

Pricing and Availability

offGrid is being produced via a Kickstarter project and is available to backers starting at €79.


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9 thoughts on “Birdkids Intros offGrid Mobile MIDI Controller

  1. Phew, bad time to run a kickstarter. I do love this and I could see it being useful in a live setting, very useful.

  2. Wow. That commercial was very compelling.

    Not sure why there aren’t any knobs. For a controller, this seems obvious.

    Hope it works across all mobile platforms and pc’s.

    Looks promising and innovative.

  3. I fail to see how this is more than a gimmick. It would be fun to use for a couple days but lacking any knobs or sliders makes it sort of useless as a midi controller imo. NanoStudio Keys by Korg is way more functional, bluetooth, arp, chord mode, scales, x/y pad, drum pads, velocity, 8 knobs at just a few more bucks used on eBay.

  4. “Own the moment” Ughh.. that corny uplifting vibes commercial would put me right off. Just show us someone actually using it so we can hear what it does.

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