Synth-Werk Intros Modular System Inspired By Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze with his modular system.

Synth-Werk has announced a new Moog format modular system, the SW-3P-2020, inspired by Klaus Schulze and the classic Moog 3P modular system.

“Klaus Schulze bought his system in 1975 from German Artist Florian Fricke and used it for several years in live performances, as well as studio recordings,” they note. “It is about time to reengineer and resurrect this wonderful instrument, to the last detail, to bring back the authentic sound and feel of this highly sophisticated beauty.”

Synth-Werk is designed to recreate the sonic character of the original, using discrete components and hand-wiring, while also incorporating improvements like better thermal stability and a balanced XLR output.

The SYSTEM SW-3P-2020 includes the following modules, in three Tolex-covered cases:

SW914 Fixed Filter Bank
SW905 Reverberation Unit
SW994 Multiples
SW991 Filter and Attenuator
SW901A Oscillator Driver
SW901B Oscillator x 6
SW901A Oscillator Driver
SW CP3 Mixer x 2
SW904B Voltage Controlled High Pass Filter
SW904C Filter Coupler
SW904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter
SW992 Control Voltages
SW912 Envelope Followr
SW901A Oscillator Driver
SW901B Oscillator x 3
SW901 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
SW903A Random Signal Generator
SW CP3 Mixer x 2
SW902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier
SW993 Trigger and Envelope Voltages
SW911 Envelope Generator x 3
SW911A Dual Trigger Delay
SW984 Four Channel Matrix Mixer
SW CP Multiples & Attenuators
SW Control Interface
SW Balance Output
Power Switch

An optional SEQUENCER SYSTEM is also available:

SW960 x2
SW962CP x2

The SW-3P-2020 is priced at 19.500 Euro and the optional Sequencer Complement B is 5.560 Euro. See the Synth-Werk site for more information.

12 thoughts on “Synth-Werk Intros Modular System Inspired By Klaus Schulze

    1. Nah, I’ll pass on that and use software. I’ll use my retiree pension to buy a beach house instead, and maybe even a Tesla. LOL

  1. And people complain about the price of the Korg 2600FS! I’ll just stay happy in the cheap seats, thanks.

    Also, look at Moog’s YouTube channel. There’s some new videos.

  2. It’s kind of funny how so many people like to diss high-end gear, while at the same time there’s more high-end gear than ever.

  3. It’s beautiful stuff, I just can’t sit cross-legged on the floor anymore. 🙂 If I had the money to spend on it, I would buy it in an instant. That goes for almost anything though… something like this would be in the top five though!

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