New Video, ‘Regeneration’, Celebrates 40 Years Of Casio Keyboards

Casio’s Mike Martin created this video, Regeneration, celebrating 40 years of Casio keyboards.

Casio America introduced the Casiotone 201 electric keyboard in 1980. 5 years later, they introduced the CZ-101, one of the best-selling synthesizers of all time.

Regeneration is an all-Casio composition. The track and video feature Casio keyboards & synthesizers from 4 decades, including the VL-1 (VL-Tone), MZ-X500, CZ-iPAD, XW series of synthesizers (XW-G1/P1), XW-PD1 (Trackformer), Privia PX-S3000 and PX-5S, and both the new and old Casiotone series (CT-S300 and MT-205).

Is there a Casio synth that you think the company should bring back or revisit? Share your thoughts in the comments!

19 thoughts on “New Video, ‘Regeneration’, Celebrates 40 Years Of Casio Keyboards

  1. Definetely arrangers surrounding wk 3800 ecosystem. Casio should never released later ctk and wk models. They are much worse , a huge step down in every aspect.

  2. Maki,
    You should check out the CT-X range. Similar approach to the WK-3800 in terms of the sound design. Really strong and affordable products.

    1. As I feel, interact and enjoy music, having dedicated on/off button for each part puts the wk 3800 a whole class above anything in ct-x range where one needs + and – to navigate between parts.

      1. You can do this with the CT-X3000 and CT-X5000 using the number pad- Just press the PART button and the numbers become mute/unmute.

        1. Modulation button instead of mod wheel is one so non atractiv, scarcity sign, compared with the equaly priced Wk 3800 in its time.

  3. Loads! Lots on interesting keyboards, MT series for example.

    To revisit will be all the pro range. By revisit I don’t mean Behringer style!! CZ1, VZ1, RZ1. Add waves to the PD synths, add some knobs, larger display just for starters. Then make them less noisy (that chorus……). Plenty more ideas here

  4. I would love to see them revive the old tonebank/SA series keyboards. Perhaps they can give them “HD” versions of the samples

  5. Amazing how great the VL-Tone sounds with some reverb!

    iPad CZ app is great; I wish more modern synths (and synth apps) had 8-step envelopes. And phase distortion. (Thor does, and a few others – but with boring ADSR envelopes usually.) 😉

    1. U-he Bazille? Very good and full of interesting areas for sound design (i don’t mean the unoriginal you named “evolving pads”)

  6. newer casio sk 5 be cool to reissue also neat would be the remake of the 201 if there’s a classic one i think and my last choice new fz 1 cause i love samplers that is my choices one good video synthtopia always winnin wL

  7. Good piece, but sadly no real CZ and VZ elements in it (CZ on an ipad doesn’t get full credit). : (

  8. Beautiful nostalgia! Congratulations to Casio and hope they come back into the affordable range again with a game changer!

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