Nunomo QUN A Powerful Pocket Synthesizer

Nunomo has introduced the QUN, a powerful, pocket-sized synthesizer.

The QUN is an inexpensive synth, because of its bare-bones design, but offers a powerful sound engine with flexible mod routing, a step sequencer and a built-in looper.


  • Analog Modeling engine
    • The analog modeling engine is an original, made from scratch. It uses advanced algorithms for great organic sound. The engine is not a copy of one of classic synths, it is designed to make a modern sound.
    • Low latency around < 1ms. (Sound latency. Total latency varies by connecting method.) The low latency can be archived because it does only sound processing, it doesn’t need extra buffer for unexpected CPU use like PC.
    • All analog modeling engine parameters can be configured through MIDI.
    • No-alias noise Oscillators.
    • The synth can be stacked for Polyphonic setup.
    • Flexible MOD (CV) routing. The signal routing is very flexible, close to modular synthesizer experience. You can route signals as normal, or totally radical.
    • 1 (2 channels with changing the Lyrat circuit) AUX(R/L) input can be used for external audio signal, or External CV inputs
    • 4 Envelope Generators
    • FM (4 Operators x 2)
    • 1 LFO, rate can be controlled by MIDI notes
    • 1 ‘Organic sounding’ VCF
      • 2/4 Poles, Low-pass, Band-pass, High-pass, Notch)
      • Organic Linear and classic Non-linear
      • Keysync
    • 1 Effect (Delay, Chorus, Flanger)
    • MIDI clock sync
    • 3 Clipping algorithms
  • Player / Sequencer
    • Player (Piano mode)
    • Random mind inspiring 8 step sequencer will generate beats for you
      • Note On/Off/Double/Triple
      • Transpose / Note width(Length)
      • Randomness control
      • Scale quantize
      • Arpeggiate steps
    • Looper
      • Looper can record the sound up to 30 sec, synchronized with the sequencer.
      • Play / Rec / Overdub

Pricing and Availability

The QUN is available with an intro price of $85 USD (normally $95). The source is also available via Github.

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  1. Nice one but stupid circuitboard designs, like choosing a housing for it is the hard part of making a instrument, just one step further and it would also look and feel like a good product.

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