Steady State Fate & DivKid Intro RND STEP Eurorack Module

Synthesist Ben Wilson, aka DivKid, has introduced his third Eurorack module design, created in collaboration with Steady State Fate, the RND STEP.

RND STEP offers 6 high-performance analog sample and hold functions, split across 3 channels in 4HP.  It features 6 analog pink noise generators, unipolar and bipolar outputs, high accuracy sampling, long hold time, trigger normalization for lots of stepped modulation from single triggers, audio rate performance for down-sampling and modulated noise tones.

Each channel features two internal pink noise generators, and two sample and hold circuits split across unipolar and bipolar outputs.The unipolar output always samples its own noise source for a stepped random voltage between 0-5V. The bipolar output by default samples it’s own noise source (for -5V to +5V stepped random). However, you can override that connection with the sample input. This allows for sampling external audio or CV signals, and it can sample voltages anywhere between -10V and +10V with the sample input.

Key Features:

  • 6 high performance analogue sample and hold circuits split across 3 channels- a mixture of both unipolar and bipolar outputs
  • Highly accurate sampling of external audio and CV sources
  • High hold times and low droop rate for holding sampled voltages
  • Trigger input normalisation from channel 1
  • Only 4HP wide

Topics covered in the demo video:

00:00 Intro & video previews

01:13 RND STEP, accuracy performance testing & Patreon bonus patch book

02:28 Feature run down

03:53 Quad peak animation

04:38 Generating random gates

05:38 Humanising voices & patches

06:34 Sampling modulation for new patterns and melodies

09:07 Generating downsampled “clocked” noise colours

10:01 Noise percussion

10:23 Creating overlapping chord tones sampling 1v/oct pitch

13:17 Musical pitch tracked downsampling

14:27 Downsampling drum breaks

14:35 Downsampling lo fi voice samples

14:45 Auto chordal composition – using random voltages for polyphonic pitch and levels

15:43 Random Panning & Accents + sampling other noise sources for different random voltage distributions

16:05 A bit of everything for good measure!

Pricing and Availability

The RND STEP is available now for $199 USD.

8 thoughts on “Steady State Fate & DivKid Intro RND STEP Eurorack Module

  1. I like divkid,
    i like ssf,
    i like the module,
    i cant stand this marketing style that’s become popular in the last 2 years.

    1. Which marketing style do you refer to? (This is a serious question, I’m in the game for only 3 years or so, and since then I didn’t realize a change in marketing strategies of module companies other than sending modules to so called ‘Influencer’ pre release and have them create a yt video that praises the module to infinity and back.

  2. tbh I am tired with divkid, loopop’s and a couple more eurorack presenters. They’ve done their circle, not every popular modules needs to pass by their hands…The modules looks solid though.

    1. Totally agree. Marketing can be very hit and miss. They may be turning off more than they gain…That said I just bought one of his modules.

  3. i don’t follow the point of views of some of the comments above. These guys, divkid and loopop are some of the best educators in music on youtube whether you participate in eurorack or not, I feel they offer something ubiquitous to music now. the free accessibility to this info is very good as a music enthusiastic – this type of content has actually changed my life. I also don’t feel the need to participate in any persuasive capitalist endeavors after watching their content – a choice is a choice. But the information and their delivery is amazing – and has only ever felt motivated to help and share with others. thank you to divkid and loopop

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