Novation Updates SL MkIII With New Arpeggiation & Sequencing Options

Novation has released a free update for their flagship SL MkIII line of controller keyboards, introducing new features for composition and performance.

The firmware update, v1.4, adds expanded arpeggiators, new sequencer capabilities, deeper swing control, step probability, transposition options and more.

Here’s what’s new in Novation SL MkIII v1.4:

  • Per-part arpeggiator – Each of the eight parts now have individual, independent arpeggiators, for building complex polyrhythmic patterns.
  • Arpeggiator probability – The new arpeggiator probability feature brings an element of randomness to each arpeggiator, turning SL MkIII into a generative and constantly evolving instrument.
  • Step probability – The probability of a programmed step can be altered, bringing creative irregularity and extending the musical palette of the SL MkIII.
  • Sequencer transpose (with pads) – The SL MkIII’s pads can now be used to make sequencer transposition a powerful performance tool.
  • Pattern octave transpose – Allows patterns to be transposed across the octave range, to find the perfect pitch and experiment with ideas.
  • Toggle swing per-part – With swing on or off per part, it’s possible to build contrasting layers of groove for more complex rhythmic results.
  • Pattern shift – Now it’s possible to quickly offset the start and end points of a pattern together to explore variations and manage sequences.
  • Pitch bend to CV – The pitch-bend wheel can now be mapped to the CV output, opening up more expression possibilities for modular synth users and other external hardware control applications.

Details are available at the Novation site.

10 thoughts on “Novation Updates SL MkIII With New Arpeggiation & Sequencing Options

  1. Funny, the Launch Key Mini is JUNK! No real Midi, funny to Novation is trying to correct the issue now at a higher price point ok with a real Midi Din (Ha). SHAME ON YOU Novation. Hey how about improving your editor for Launch Key Mini and including a Midi adaptor for people like me who dont care for Ableton. Stand alone mode is a freaking JOKE! And I say to all there is better controllers out there and Novation is Not one. Waste of Money!

      1. Hi, I did my research. My trusty Akai controller died, then thought since I had it for 10 years ok time for a change. Plus I liked (used to like) the idea of how one can play with the arpeggiation. The main problem with is no what to switch the internal clock from master to slave, when in arp mode the internal clock drifts when Arp is on(I am not talking about swing), this is a real drift factor when using master MIDI clock with Arp to drive other device all lose sync, it like all my instruments got drunk then vomit everywhere….
        Its a mess. I like my in instruments to be tippsy I call that swing.

        And what Novation calls custom editor is a joke every freaking way ok you can change the only pads and knobs no editing the keyboard it self, only pads and knobs, oh only one page. With my Akai, I can config anyway I want. Yes I have bought another Akia. Take that Novation!

        Since the editor is all online you need the device, not like a stand alone software app where you can fire it up, see what parameters can be edited. Yes Novation is pushing to be a force in Ableton world and is forgetting all the real MIDI like my Zero SL MK2 the heart of my rig.

        Hey Novation send me a unit I will put it to the real world test not a paid marketing video who will always tell lies to make the product look good well that’s not me.

        1. Seems like you didn’t do your homework, failed to understand the aiming of this product and you try to put the blame on novation,
          There is midi out (added bonus, not the main feature) and specification is clear about the cable not included. Everything you wrote could be known to you before you order it (like trying the editor) Maybe it will be better reading the manual instead of watching videos.
          Zero SL MK2 is 10 years old.

          I checked the unrelated video you added but i skipped most of it, seems boring,

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