Behringer Roland TR-606 Knockoff, The RD-6 Analog Drum Machine, Now Shipping

Behringer today announced that the Rhythm Designer RD-6, a knockoff of the Roland TR-606 drum machine, is now shipping.

The RD-6 design is a close copy of the original, including Roland’s user interface design, but moves some of the panel controls around, brings connections to the top of the device and adds modern connectivity options.

The RD-6 is being made available in silver to match the original, but also in a variety of solid colors and iMac-inspired translucent colors.


  • Analog circuitry
  • Reproduction of original circuitry with matched transistors
  • 8 original drum sounds with mix parameters and global accent capability
  • Clap sound based on the BR-110 drum machine
  • 64-step drum sequencer with real-time switching between 32 separate patterns
  • Patterns can be chained into full songs with up to 256 bars
  • Distortion circuitry modeled after the DS-1*
  • 16 ‘authentic-style’ step buttons with LED indicators for easy pattern creation
  • 11 controls and 26 switches
  • MIDI and USB implementation for synchronization and connection to external devices
  • Sync options include USB, MIDI, Clock and Internal

Pricing and Availability

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced, but expect availability with some vendors starting in 2-3 weeks.


45 thoughts on “Behringer Roland TR-606 Knockoff, The RD-6 Analog Drum Machine, Now Shipping

      1. Same here and that is why I’m keeping it on my iPad Pro.
        It disappeared from App Store as well, but still working fine with the latest iPadOS 🙂

      1. Interesting. Propellerhead’s statement “Rather than refuting this claim, we have decided to honor our long-standing relationship with Roland Corporation” suggests they don’t actually think Roland had much of a claim, but they still wanted to stay on good terms. Which is maybe why Behringer can get away with it.

        I am not sure what to think about it really. Rebirth helped to keep the 303/808 sound popular, which probably helped with Roland’s sales when they finally decided to make the digital versions.

    1. Rebirth was the first thing I used to make music, it definitely got me interested

      But i switched to trackers pretty soon, then Reason 1.0, then Nuendo which I stayed with for years until Ableton hit v4… Used that for years and i still do

      Or Reaper

      But i wanna grab Bitwig pretty soon and switch over to that

      Seems to mix the best of Ableton with a Reason backpanel in Reaktor style modular nodes along with a bunch of other stuff

  1. Dumb. There’s nothing special about the 606 “workflow”. Why not use the same synth/sounds and stuff it into a 707 or 808 workflow if you want to keep it vintage-y? Or, egad, a new workflow using the lessons learned along the last 35 years?

    1. Because analogue and because Behringer. Just accept it.

      What you’ve described is what Roland’s doing with their current TR & MC units & how Elektron upped the groove box game. Even Korg’s ahead of Behringer- look at how the Electribe ER-1 leads to the Volca Drum.

      I’m kinda surprised that Behringer’s churning out all this gear. It’s hard to believe there’s a market for a dedicated TR-606 clone. $2 says these will sink like Akai’s Rhythm Wolf & Tom Cat.

    2. You are correct that there is nothing “special” about the 606 workflow. I still find it desirable for its simplicity. You have rotary knobs that precisely indicate function and bank without need for a display. Everything works as it should be expected to, with no surprises.

      Contrast this with Behringer’s RD-808 – here you have a drum machine that sounds really great, but the UI is downright nasty. I’m glad they are keeping the immediacy and simplicity of the 606.

  2. It will be interesting to see what drum machine Behringer could actually come up with once they’ll leave the “colored clone” bandwagon.

    1. It depends on what you mean by “best” ie: the most True to OG or the most versatile interpretation. For the latter the ‘Drumatix’ by Acidlab is (to my ears) the best in that it takes the 606 idea and pushes it in all the right directions: tuning per voice, addition of rim and clap and retaining much of Roland’s original concept too. Again though: the Sound of it!

  3. i have the x0x from mars pack and i find the only useable sound on the 606 to be the snare. personally, i will take a $20 sample pack featuring many classic drum machines i can mix & match over any of the knockoffs and recreations.

    1. I agree. I bought a “200 drum machines” sample pack off ebay a number of years ago (I think for around $20), and that’s more than enough drum sounds for the rest of my life. Everybody EQs and compresses the hell out of them or runs them through pedals anyway.

      1. I guy who was using my studio left a 606 behind. I called him he said, “I don’t want it anymore, you can keep it.” I sold it through Reader classifieds for $15. The guy who bought it paid far too much.

  4. wow more Behringer bashing
    Did ARP copy moog – er yes
    xoxbox, Studio electronics (everything they do), Oakley modular, etc etc
    so many companies copy and reproduce other peoples work – nothing but praise
    Roland who have access to mass production facilities for SMT technology decide NOT to listen to the fans/ public/ synth buying masses and previous Roland owners and get their head stuck in the cloud
    Roland was once the poor mans alternative to the Moogs, ARPs and Oberheims now they couldnt give a damn.
    Behringer are selling Sh*tloads of quality synth products – yes I waited for the Sys 100m modules but not after spending £600 quid on 2 Roland sys500 modules.
    Got 5 quality Behringers for <£500
    Economics speak for themselves.
    Roland should have listened instead of going down the ACB and cloud route.
    Thanks Behringer shame on you Roland

    1. they should create a rhythmcat that is a combo of both the tom cat and wolf – the tomcat is actually pretty fun and the kick sounds great through OD

  5. I’m convinced that Behringer will accidentally sue itself when it copies one of the few original products they’ve ever made. Uli will represent himself in court against himself. He’ll fire himself, lose the suit, and pay himself a crapload of attorney’s fees.

  6. Yeah this is pretty weak. I’ve never heard of anyone clamoring for the 606 workflow.
    The 909 clone, the only one I’d be interested in seems to be dead in the water.

    Idk man. Behringer can do what they want but I think they should try to come up with their own designs. The Nuetron is alright.
    They can do better than this.

  7. i love the aesthetics of these, they remind me of the gameboy dmg01 play it loud series and clamshell ibooks, all of which i find quite beautiful and inspiring

    i’ve had several roland tr 606s, stock and modded to various degrees, these seem like they might be perfect for tinkering with and modding given the price point, i’m pretty shocked seeing original 606s going for over $500 nowadays, the last stock one that i bought was $120 from a guitar player that bought it new in the 80’s for something fancier than a boring metronome to play along with. anyways i think these are fantastic and love the style, definitely want to get one and a td3 eventually.

  8. This maybe something I will pick up for Behringer. I’ve been looking at getting a tr-606 from eBay but could not justify buying one.

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