Ambient Modular Synth Jam (Subharmonicon and Mother 32)

This ambient synth jam, via SyllixMusic, showcases the analog sounds of the Moog Subharmonicon & Mother-32 synthesizers.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“I finally got the Subharmonicon and Mother 32 together as one unit. Patching is a lot easier now, so what better way to experiment than another late night ambient jam.

Once again, I’m making use of the latest firmware in the Mother 32 with the sequencer set to random. Sometimes it’s not exactly what I want, but it’s fun to play around with. I hope you enjoy it!”

9 thoughts on “Ambient Modular Synth Jam (Subharmonicon and Mother 32)

  1. Can someone explain the trend of putting mini things like plants and toys and drinking glasses and cables not connected to anything in videos. I get the presenters want variation or something but when every. single. video. features this it gets really old. I’m tired and hungry. bye.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. You made me laugh as I had internalized the irony of it all. I even bought a fake orchid for my Moog studio.. It’s obviously a compensatory PC thing to show that fiddling with potentiometers, silicon chips and blinky LED electronic circuits can be a natural, “organic” thing. That you are a nice peaceful human, not just a knob-tweaking albino synth-freak stuck in a basement. Also, note the trend to perform in natural settings (see the beautiful Lisa Bella Donna Moog One vid on YouTube) Cheers, G

    2. Maybe it’s just someone with a plant in his room. Makes almost no sense…i know. Somehow it still makes a room a bit more enjoyable for some folks. 😀

    3. My studios have always been filled with toys of various sorts, whether its my design studio or my recording studio or a cubicle. It gives some visual relief and something to mess with for a mental break.

  2. I think there’s quite a bit of reverb on it too. Would be good to say what the reverb unit is if it’s a big part of the sound.

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