Genki Instruments’ Wave + CME’s WIDI Master Bundle

Wave is Genki Instrument’s wearable smart ring that controls sound with gestures via Bluetooth MIDI. CME’s WIDI Master is a virtual MIDI cable that allows Bluetooth devices to be connected without wires.

The combo is designed to give you new ways to play expressively, letting you play any MIDI instrument, like a hardware synth, with Wave via the WIDI Master.

Softwave, the software that comes with Wave, has configurable preset banks for popular synthesizers and effects pedals like the Sub37 Moog, Prophet 6, Strymon Mobius, and Eventide H9.

Technical Intro:

Pricing and Availability

The bundle is available now for $259.99 USD.

2 thoughts on “Genki Instruments’ Wave + CME’s WIDI Master Bundle

  1. okay but i need like 5 of them, they should fit around the forefinger to maximize variance between each of them, CC # switch on the ring. Right now it just comes off a a reinvented d-beam to me.

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