How To Vocode With The New Arturia MicroFreak Vocoder

In his latest video, synthesist Anton Anru takes an in-depth look at how to vocode using the Arturia MicroFreak.

The MicroFreak was updated in August with a vocoder, along with new synthesis capabilities.

The tutorial should be helpful for owners of all MicroFreak editions, including the original Original (grey) model or Vocoder (white).

In the video, Anru shares his take on types of microphones you may use, how to connect them, new Vocoder settings in Utility Mode, new synth engine parameters, tips and tricks, patches ideas with different input sources and modulation matrix.

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
01:06 General information about vocoders and how they work. Carrier and Modulator.
02:10 TRRS splitter to use with non-original Arturia mic. TS and TRS jacks.
05:03 DAW (Ableton Live) settings: Inputs and Outpus, Tracks, Routing. Studio microphone (with XLR) connection.
07:36 Other mics options: phones with mic for mobile phones, cheap computer mic
08:37 Volume levels and Indication. Microfreak Utility settings: Mic Gain, Noise Gate, Mic Detection.
12:53 First steps with voice and beatbox. Sending midi notes from Live to Microfreak.
15:17 Hiss Modes solve the problem: consonants clarity is lost with Vocoder. Off, Switched, and Pass Modes.
19:22 Using other types of signals instead of voice: drums, guitars, samples, etc. Rhythmic effects. Modulators combination: Drum Loop + Voice.
24:00 How to use vocoder, connect a mic or line signal directly to Microfreak without a splitter.
25:37 Carrier part. Wave, Timbre (Formant Shift), Shape (Bandwidth) parameters.
28:41 Modulations with LFO, Envelope, and Cycling Envelope. Dynamic and rhythmic timbres. Envelope retrigger with series of chords/arpeggiator. Interaction of different rates in arp/notes division and LFO rate. Polyrhythm. Different filter types with the current modulations.
40:10 Firmware Update, Carrier and Modulator parts summary.
41:30 My presets for Arturia Microfreak (4 banks/160 presets)

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