12 thoughts on “Kelly Lee Owens – Live on KEXP

    1. I’ve never thought of it until you put a label on it: singer/songwriter with synth. But that’s exactly what I like. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy enjoy whamp-whamp-blurz-bing-splat electronic music. But after so many years of it I’m craving something more. I stumbled across Kelly Lee Owen’s music a couple of months ago and I’m loving it.

  1. Does sound awesome. It takes a huge amount of time and planning and practice to play a live set like that, whether you find her music appealing or not (I don’t particularly) – so let’s give her credit where credit is due. Everything sounds nice and tight and I like her choices of sounds in her arrangements.

    I’ve tried this live electronic performance thing years ago, with SPDs and Trigger Fingers and knob controllers while I’m singing, and hours of mapping and stuff. As much as I had fun problem-solving and figuring out how to “play” a song, I personally didn’t find it as gratifying as I thought.

    Again, that’s my conclusion about my own engagement with it, taking nothing away from Kelly and her work.

  2. I enjoyed her set, partly because I’ve played live a bit, so I know it takes some mega-planning. Even if its a simple setup, the unforeseen has to be factored in, too. It takes a touch of steel for you to get onstage at all. Comparing her to Laurie Anderson is pointless. Kelly has her own space-music thing going on and it works nicely. WIN.

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