Motif Intelligent Music Generator For Kontakt

Rast Sound has introduced Motif, described as an “Intelligent Music Generator” for Kontakt.

Motif is designed to help you quickly create unique ideas/melodies, for selected key, scale and emotion, using a generative “possibility algorithm”.

Motif lets you select either a scale or an emotion for any key and uses an algorithm within that scale to create a unique melody. You can re-click on the scale or emotion until you generate a melody that you like or drag to MIDI to further build on the melody into a song.


  • Built for Kontakt 5.8 & Kontakt 6
  • Create for Emotions & Scales
  • Smart Engine Creates Unique Pieces
  • Drag to Midi & Keyboard Control
  • Macro Modes
  • Multiple Length Selection

Here’s an example of Motif in action:

Pricing and Availability

Motif is available now for €89.00.

3 thoughts on “Motif Intelligent Music Generator For Kontakt

  1. If generative processors are interesting to you, I’d recommend you visit their site and watch the 6:14 walkthrough video. It’s has more interesting examples and gives a better idea of what it does. I wish they would give us more examples of the more unusual scales. I get the impression it puts probability weights on various scale notes to create the “emotions”, seems pretty effective.

    Unfortunately, it is not triplet/ternary friendly, strictly 4/4 binary land for everything. Perhaps that can be worked around in some way.

    Scaler 2 has a reasonable selection of scales & chords and pre-recorded (by humans) phrases– which seems quite more capable of generating more interesting material. Steeper learning curve, for sure.

    Cthulhu contains bunches of public domain chord progressions and an arpeggiator, and probably will have similar generative results once you get a handle on it.

    There is a rightful place for generative processors in electronic music for some creators.

    I have mixed feelings because for me, this is handing over the most fun part of music creation to the machine.

    1. Thx for that info – wasn’t aware of Cthulhu. Is it possible to control the steps a sequence via midi in this or Cthulhu? I’m interested in some live edrum applications.

    2. As a further alternative look at mixmux duo, it offers an interesting mix between generativity and sequencing constraints (but unfortunately only for Ableton)

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