Wide Blue Sound Intros Elysium Two-Layer Synthesizer


Wide Blue Sound has introduced Elysium, a two-layer synth that they say is ‘designed for creating music infused with tonal rhythms, movement and unrivaled playability.”

Elysium features two layers: Perc and Synth.

  • The PERC layer includes synths, mallets, pianos, guitar, and many other types of percussive tonal sounds. By twisting a knob you can quickly add Morph and Bass sounds, and use the Flux, Analog, and Spread controls to easily add variety between each note.
  • The SYNTH layer is familiar to Orbit + Eclipse fans, but with some features that they say have never before seen in a synth, including 11 original & custom-shop filter designs. Combine up to 4 pads that include beautiful atmospheres, synth pads and even a live strings section. Then run them through one of the 3 engine modes — Pulse, Chop or Flow — to create anything from energetic rhythms to blissful atmospheres.

The two layers are optionally controlled by the Phase Sequencer, which allows intuitive sequencing of the Perc Layer, Synth Layer or any of their individual soundsources. Choose which layer plays when, and how fast their engine runs.

It also allows for step-based Pitch, Accents, and a set of Actions that includes Double and Triple hits (ratchets), Tightening notes and Reverse/Fade-in notes.

Performance features include: Mono, Glide, Force Legato (to force glide), and Input Quantize. Keyboard Split decouples the Perc and Synth Layers so you can split chord voicings between the two, e.g. Bass in the Perc and a string section on top.

Elysium also features a massive 31 effects, 300 effect presets and over 700 practical and creative impulse responses. You can create full FX chains for the PERC layer, SYNTH layer, and MASTER FX bus.

The Motion Page gives you 6 sequencers that you can use to automate any parameter in the synth, including the ability to change the Perc layer’s Morph and Bass sounds on every step. It also features the Tide module, which allows you to create multi-bar swells or EDM-inspired LFOs.

Elysium also offers a wide array of motion sources to add evolving motion to your patches.


  • Hundreds of deep-sampled soundsources
  • Perc layer with up to 3 soundsources at once (Main, Morph and Bass)
  • Multi-mode high-cut and low-cut, Length control
  • Perc layer advanced evolution controls (Analog, Flux, Spread) Synth layer with up to 4 soundsources at once
    11 filter types, both traditional, character/saturation filters and bespoke creative filter types
  • Synth layer triple engine mode (Pulse, Chop Flow)
  • Phase Sequencer with up to 16 steps, swing, and per-step Sound Selector, Accents, Pitch, and Action Controls (double/triple hit, and various attack/sustain controls)
  • Sound Browser with full-range sound preview, mood and source tags. Cancel button to undo changes.
  • Generate panel for algorithmically creating mood-based sound selections +
    new effect chains.
  • FX section with access to 31 stompboxes, amps, modulation effects, delays, reverbs, 600+ convolution presets, EQ, algorithmic Generate FX chain, and more.

Pricing and Availability

Elysium is available now with an intro price of $179 USD (normally $199).

7 thoughts on “Wide Blue Sound Intros Elysium Two-Layer Synthesizer

  1. Strange, When perusing the website, I see nothing that mentions what format this synth is in!! It looks like software.. Does it run VST/RTAS ? Windows/MAC ? I assume so.. but there is no mention anywhere I can find!

  2. https://www.widebluesound.com/

    There’s a System Requirements section. It runs on MacOS, OSX & Windows, Kontakt and Kontakt Free Player. I perked up when they mentioned Orbit & Eclipse. This is partly noted film/soundtrack composer Jeff Rona’s company. Its their much beefier next-gen instrument and it sounds like it. I’m intrigued by the pedigree.

  3. How Standalone rly is it?
    Will you need the Kontakt player (or is it just compatible with kontakt)?
    Can you render to disk directly from the software?

    A pity there is no demo (just the money back guarantee).

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