ROLI Equator2 Offers ‘Vastly Expanded Synthesis Engine’

ROLI today introduced Equator2, which they say adds a wealth of new capabilities and an  expanded range of tools for shaping MPE sounds.

“It can go head to head, feature by feature and preset by preset, with the best sound engines and plugins in the world,” says ROLI CEO Roland Lamb. “But it also has unparalleled capabilities for shaping sounds multidimensionally through expressive touch.”

Here’s what’s new in Equator2:

  • A broader array of synthesis engines – Six fully assignable source slots let you build unique sounds, drawing on a wide range of synthesis engines. A wavetable oscillator with a library of over 240 waveforms combines with a high-resolution multi-sampler, a granular engine, FM and more to provide an infinite palette of sounds and textures.
  • New multi-sampled instruments – Equator2 includes 42 new multi-sampled instruments, with over 180 articulations and variations. From vintage synthesizers like the Roland System-100 to world acoustic instruments like the Sitar and Koto, the samples are richly detailed and highly adaptable, opening new possibilities for sound design. Import your own samples easily.
  • Versatile modulation system – Equator2’s versatile modulation system — evolved from the Cypher2, Strobe2, and Equator engines — makes it easy to add modulation to any parameters. A flexible assembly of envelopes, LFOs, key-tracking sources, and macros animate patches and help you create expressive sounds.
  • Expanded effects section – Equator2 gives you an expanded rack of effects, filters and dynamics processors.
  • Larger library of MPE sounds – Equator2 ships over 1,300 presets, including over 500 new sounds built for MPE and 800 standard MIDI presets for conventional controllers.
  • Equator2 Overview Video:

Pricing and Availability:

Equator2 is now available for Mac & Windows, with an intro price of $199 USD (normally $249). Owners of Equator, Cypher2, Strobe2, and ROLI Studio can upgrade to Equator2 for $99.

7 thoughts on “ROLI Equator2 Offers ‘Vastly Expanded Synthesis Engine’

  1. Very expensive for a single softsynth, especially for those of us who don’t own Roli hardware and can’t take advantage of MPE. I just got a $49 crossgrade offer from Arturia for Pigments. That seems like a much more appealing purchase.

  2. I enjoy Pigments as well, but it comes from a different angle. I can’t imagine taking this up unless I was a ROLI player. The keyboard shape is just a convenience. The MPE standard is a new instrumental approach, full of synthy goodness >per finger.< If I go there, it'll be with the expectation of diving into the first serious manufacturer's own take on the whole thing. For something so complex, the synth price is just part of the ticket. The presets alone are massive enough to sustain you for a long time.

  3. If this came standard on Roli’s it would add value and i’d try to buy one of their keyboards. Can they do a sale or bundle where we can get this with even just a blocks keyboard or something?

  4. I have a Roli Seaboard and upgraded to Equator2 yesterday. I spent a couple hours this morning really putting it through its paces. It’s really well thought out; very intuitive. I also have Pigments. I like both. Where Equator2 shines is the integration with the Roli and the way you can see and really make sense out of what you’re doing on the Seaboard and how you can use that to modulate the sound. I think Equator2 is just brilliant. I want Roli to keep tweaking and developing. To be sustainable, they need to charge a fair price, and I believe they are.

  5. I Have a Keith Mcmillen Qunexus that could make good use of this but I wont pay $200 for it because I can use lots oof VSTs for much less.
    e. Animoog on the iPad.

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