Pittsburgh Modular Intros Local Florist Eurorack Module

Pittsburgh Modular has introduced the Local Florist, a new Eurorack module that covers a wide range of delay-based effects.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The Local Florist is an experiment in highly-controlled feedback that covers flanging (kinda), chorus (yes), reverb (true), spring-y feedback sounds (all day), karplus strong (not really), vibrato (yes), plucky percussive string sounds (yes), and general robot space sounds (often).

his module was designed as part of the upcoming Voltage Research Laboratory 2 synthesizer, but the standalone prototype was so much fun, we had to make a few to share.”

Pricing & Availability:

This is a limited run module, and available only through the Pittsburgh Modular web shop for $259.

5 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular Intros Local Florist Eurorack Module

  1. Pretty Little Module! Will go well in my electronic garden! With proper attention n tweaking hope to get some nice
    Delay colors n textures!

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