New Software Synth Pairs Classic Roland Jupiter-8 Sound With MPE Support

TAL Software has announced TAL-J-8, described as ‘a very accurate emulation’ of the Roland Jupiter-8.

The software synth was calibrated to their own Jupiter-8, above. All sounds are generated without the use of any samples, with the same endless modulation possibilities as the hardware.

In addition, there are useful additional features, like MPE support and a calibration section that can make the filter ‘scream’.


  • Authentic emulation of the 80’s hardware synthesizer.
  • Use the calibration section for extreme resonance and filter overdrive.
  • VCO based UNISON with stereo spread option and a full stereo signal path.
  • MPE support.
  • More than 200 factory presets by solidtrax, emptyvessel and others.

Pricing and Availability

TAL-J-8 is available now for Linux, Mac & Windows with a 20% intro discount (normally $80 USD).

6 thoughts on “New Software Synth Pairs Classic Roland Jupiter-8 Sound With MPE Support

    1. Noisemaker is from a time before TAL released their first commercial product. They have, AFAIK, never made a plugin freely available, which was previously commercial. So don’t count on TAL-J-8 becoming free.

    2. Very unlikely, as Chris said. What would be nice, though, is if Noisemaker added MPE. Especially in the Open Source version. I’ve enjoyed Noisemaker in LV2 through MODEP.

      The only MPE-enhanced Open Source plugin I know is Surge and I don’t think it build on Raspbian.

  1. Instant buy for me. Sounds great. Now with this, and Tal-U-No-LX and the new Arturia Jun-6, got the bases covered and don’t need to worry about Roland’s subscription model.

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