MOK Intros Filtryg Dual Filter For Linux, MacOS & Windows

MOK has introduced Filtryg, a new dual-filter effect with deep sound sculpting features.

Filtryg features an integrated envelope follower, wide range LFOs, and MIDI keyboard tracking, each of which react to your playing, as well as your source audio, to create a filter effect that can become a part of your performance.

The Filtryg dual filter effect plugin offers three filter types, with a 12 dB State Variable Filter running in series or parallel, with a choice of either 24 dB Ladder, or multiple modes of Biquad, each with their own personality and character.

The State Variable Filter is continuously morph-able from Lowpass to Highpass filter modes, with either Bandpass or Notch in-between, while the Ladder and Biquad have a Drive control for extra punch and crunch on the output.


  • Dual filter configuration in Series, Parallel or Mixed for flexible timbral shaping
  • 12 dB State Variable Filter (LP, HP, BP, N), 24 dB Ladder Filter (LP, HP), and multiple Biquad Filter choices, each with distinct personality and character
  • Morph knob morphs between State Variable Filter modes for dynamic filter variation
  • Drive knob adds punch and crunch to the Ladder and Biquad Filter output
  • Audio rate Filter FM enables unusual harmonic generation capabilities
  • Keytrack modulation control for integrating keyboard performance
  • Envelope Follower for direct interaction with input audio and sidechain pumping effects
  • Tempo synchronized LFOs and threshold triggered Envelopes for rhythmic modulations
  • Customizable color themes and language settings

Pricing and Availability:

Filtryg is available in AAX, AU and VST formats, for Mac, PC and Linux with an intro price of $34 (normally $49).

3 thoughts on “MOK Intros Filtryg Dual Filter For Linux, MacOS & Windows

  1. Annnd no ios again. I just. Can’t. Literally, just. Every time I buy something for the laptop it sits in there perfectly safe from use. I move my ipad from station to station (eg. my voice mic, my guitar amp, one keyboard or another), I don’t have a “space ship” layout like all the cool kids have. As someone famous once said, “geniuses are less consistent,” I’m sure he had me in mind.

    MOK: you can charge full price for ios apps.

  2. These guys release AAX, VST and AU on the 3 major OS platforms and you find the courage to complain about the lack of IOS?! Sounds like a personal problem to me. Also “””geniouses””” adapt.

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