24 thoughts on “Richard Devine On The Korg Opsix

    1. Considering he himself owns and regularly uses an insane amount of gear, it’s at least plausible that nearly any bit of gear is usable for him, and thus warranting his endorsement.

    2. It’s one of his jobs. He’s a sound designer. He also designs presets.

      If he designs the presets then why wouldn’t he endorse the product?

      Absolute champion if you ask me. Who the hell wouldn’t want to have his job – getting paid to use all the new gear – and then have your work distributed to millions of musicians the world over.

    3. If you go to one of Devine’s concerts you’ll see a bunch of gear you’ve never seen before because he always has prototypes of unreleased products. After the concert if he has time he’ll talk to you about them when you approach him and ask decent questions and you can have a chat about what he thinks of them. Sometimes he’ll be having a beer and you can buy him one. He is very accessible and down to earth and has a lot of interesting and useful insights about instrument features, which is why he is in high demand as a product consultant.

  1. that button with the fuzzy dice on it…I pressed it a bajillion times over three days….
    I also misplaced my glasses for the same three days but I had this deadline….

  2. Why would you name a patch “Storytime”. It is completely non-informative. This is one of many reasons I ignore patch libraries, but at least now they are “advanced” enough to use categories like “Pad”, “Ambient”, “Lead”….whatever that means.

    1. When you’ve been up late at night designing thousands of presets for 5 new synths or plugins you’ve been hired to do – I really doubt you end up giving a fuck what you call them.

      I’ll bet you can’t point to a single hardware or virtual synth since the 1980s that names patches any differently to this

      And categorising patches in a library as Pads, Leads etc.. has been going on for decades. Hardly like they were waiting for the technology to “advance” enough so could do it

  3. Devine’s sounds are often good partners, especially for ambient & experimental things. Good luck recreating some of them, since he uses an evolving modular setup, but his synth presets are also great stepping stones for tweaking. I learn useful things from his creative, mutant ear.

    Hey Ted- “Lead” usually means either some derivative 70s squeal/honk or a spectrum-filling monster that turns most of the other tracks into mud. Ha. Coming up with good leads is an unsung art form of its own.

  4. Anyone else even just a little curious to know how much power it takes to keep all those impressive lights flashing?

  5. Dear Richard Devine,

    Ever since you endorsed the Akai Rhythm Wolf, you’ve lost most of your cred in my book.

    You may never be a truly great electronic composer, but you could still become the Martha Steward of music tech endorsements. I wish you all the best in your further career as an influencer.


    1. its reasonable that there will be a “Richard devine” in any profession , a random guy who make random music with random machines he randomly endorse.

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