New Plugin Only Does One Thing – Beef Up Your Tracks

Caelum Audio has introduced a new effect plugin, Beef, that only does one thing, make your tracks ‘sound beefy’.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Beef was originally built to focus on creating the fattest basses and drums as possible. If you’re tired of folder-diving through 808 samples and want to sculpt your own hard-hitting basses with ease, then look no further.

Beyond its original aim, Beef will make anything sound massive, even the most feeble audio. From guitars to vocals and from synths to foley, flex your proverbial biceps and BEEF THEM UP.”


  • Multi-stage 4-band EQ to sculpt your sound before and after saturation.
  • Rate modulation using filtered noise to enhance and engrain tracks with noisy tectures.
  • Charge sounds with 6 selectable saturation algorithms.
  • Decimate your audio in a dedicated crush section.
  • Further shaping options using the transient shaper.
  • Carve transients by using the shaper.
  • Blend your BEEF with an all important mix control.

Pricing and Availability

Beef is available now with an intro price of £23.99 (normally £29.99).

15 thoughts on “New Plugin Only Does One Thing – Beef Up Your Tracks

  1. We’ve had fat, phat, creamy, cold, sterile, warm, hot, and punchy for ages now. Beefy was just a matter of time. When do the savory plugins arrive?

  2. Is Beef even permissible given the current woke climate…should be more like Veg (pronounced Vej…opps, sorry for the pronoun usage)

  3. Yeahhhhh, I’m looking for the Veganizer plug-in, that takes your thick, phat sounds and makes them thin and shrill.

  4. So another me too plugin huh? The rate modulation seems to be the only original thing going on in this one.. “Going through my 808s” pffft

  5. Great demo. This should be half of the bass section of a locked-in effects rig. It feels good.

    Auto-mastering plug-ins muddy as often as they help. I’ve tried some of the ‘magic boxes’, but its easy to spend too much time micro-tweaking, just like with synths. Build an effects section and stick with it for the most part. Nothing wins like knowing your chain, riding the faders by hand and recording your moves.

  6. i get almost every release on iOS, because they are cheap. This one is great. its nothing mind blowing or fancy, but it sounds good. Simple and easy to use.

  7. Most of the projects i have to work on are “fishy”….i doubt this thing can turn fish into beef but hey lets try

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