Slate Digital Intros ANA 2 Ultra Bundle, AKA ‘The Netflix Of Synths’

Slate Digital has introduced ANA 2 Ultra Bundle, which they describe as “the Netflix of synths”.

ANA 2 Ultra offers a huge range of sonic possibilities, with 3 wavetable oscillators, 3 samplers, and 46 different filter types. And it comes with hundreds of patches, ranging from hip-hop to cinematic to lo-fi sounds.

Here’s the official walkthrough video:


  • 400+ new presets
  • Hundreds of new wavetables
  • Hundreds of new samples
  • 6 new sound banks
  • New skins
  • New sounds dropping throughout the year

Pricing and Availability

ANA 2 Ultra Bundle is available via Slate Digital’s All Access Pass. The All Access Pass includes 60 plugins, thousands of royalty-free samples, video tutorials to show you how to up your production skills & a more.


16 thoughts on “Slate Digital Intros ANA 2 Ultra Bundle, AKA ‘The Netflix Of Synths’

  1. $24.99 a month. Forever. I won’t buy monthly subscriptions for musical instruments, especially when companies like Cherry Audio offer permanent instrument licenses for $29.

    1. To be fair, it is for a bundle and not just for a synth. Still, I don’t like the subscription model. I’ve owned my first synth for nearly 40 years- imagine how much that would have cost on subscription?

    1. Even with a lot fewer folks, I suspect they’ll STILL make more money with this model. This extra money will mean they can stay in business. I don’t think the old way work unless you’re the best of the best, consistently. Selling a softsynth for $99, $149, $199, $249, etc., I don’t think you can sustainably run a business like that. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of money on softsynths I never use. The new model is better. I’ll take the handful I know, use, and love, and I’ll support those developers so they can keep my favorite tools alive, healthy, and growing. We have plenty of variety. Do it the way you like. We’ve never had more options.

  2. Its a quality synth, no question, but it looks and sounds like about half of the field now. I’ve got four from that realm. Its a mature form that works well.

    Subscribing to anything for the tidal wave of new patches seems a bit ill-focused, though. Its easy to end up reviewing them more than using them. I got a great update to a favorite synth, but it took two weeks to review the 500 new patches. You know how it is…

  3. Remember, this is part of a whole package. You get other effects and synths alongside quality tutorial and walkthrough videos. I haven’t signed up to this myself but just thought I would set the record straight as it seems we are focusing just on a single item rather than evaluating the whole package.

  4. I’m trying to figure out what exactly makes it a “bundle.” From what I can tell, it is one instrument with a few different skins, no different functionals modules or anything. I’m fine paying a rental price for a real bundle of instruments and effects; Reason, Arturia Vintage Collection, Studio One; but, just one synth? Especially when the yearly cost winds up being $300/year? No thank you.

    1. The Slate All Access Pass includes numerous mixing and processing plugins, not just the ANA 2. In fact the ANA 2 is the only softsynth. As someone who deploys Slate’s Virtual Mix Rack and Virtual Bus Compressors on every single production in my studio, the cost of the All Access Pass is a no brainer. The ANA 2 is just a “bonus.”

  5. the full version is 49$ at the moment. Great value for that price including 500 presets. So no need for the premium bundle. If you buy this bundle you have simply too much money.

  6. Seems like a good bundle with some nice sounds. I’ve never been a fan of the subscription model when it comes to something I need for work. It is what it is though.

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