TouchOSC Update Now Available For Android, iOS, Linux, Mac & Windows

Hexler has introduced a major update to TouchOSC, a custom controller platform for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows.

TouchOSC lets you create custom controller interfaces, using a built-in editor, and then use them across all major platforms, from Raspberry Pi to iOS to desktop systems.

TouchOSC supports sending and receiving MIDI and OSC messages, on many connections simultaneously.

On top of OSC over UDP & TCP, it supports every type of wired & wireless MIDI connection your device can make, including MIDI over USB on iOS and Android.

Multiple instances of TouchOSC can also be connected on the network for synchronized editing. This means that you can use you desktop system for detailed editing, while you test-drive and preview in real-time a mobile touch-screen device.

‘A lightweight and fast scripting engine allows deep access to all aspects of your controller and enables customization and interactivity.

Pricing and Availability

TouchOSC is available for $9.99 for iOS & Android, and $$18 for desktop platforms.

9 thoughts on “TouchOSC Update Now Available For Android, iOS, Linux, Mac & Windows

  1. Just downloaded the PC version and took it for a quick spin. I can see a whole bunch of uses for this!

    1. the biggest one is that new has the editor built-in the app. Old had the editor as a separate entity on mac and windows.

  2. Yeah, I bought TouchOSC for iOS awhile back (alas, never used it for much) – but it’s now “TouchOSC Mk1”. On one hand, I appreciate that software costs money to develop and support. On the other hand, it seems disingenuous to call it an “Update” and make people pay all over again. On the gripping hand: it’s only $9.99.

    There should be a better way.

    1. On further inspection: I’d like to delete my comment above. I just noticed that the Win/Mac/Linux versions of the new TouchOSC are “try before you buy” and you can download the fully functional code to test first before buying a license for $18. Right on! Whatever trivial gripes I had yesterday are irrelevant; these guys are with the angels as far as I’m concerned.

  3. It’s a real flaw that Apple’s app store does not support updates, so you end up buying the same app over and over again. Of course apps are usually more affordable than desktop software, but if you are using multiple apps over a long period of time, it really adds up.

    1. the mk1 version has been supported a long time and is still being maintained and updated. the new version is a complete rewrite with a lot more features so it makes sense to sell this as a new app.

      1. I *sincerely* regret my comment above. Which was probably triggered because of bad past experiences with other apps: we all know that there are developers who abuse this kind of thing. But Hexler is doing sooo much – everything, really – right with TouchOSC. There’s been a ton of work done on it, it’s well-supported, and – hey – since when did it support Win and Mac?!?! And it’s ‘try before you buy’ (Win/Mac/Linux). I’ll probably pay ‘em the $30 for the iOS and Win//Mac versions, because: this is an amazingly useful tool.

        I guess if I were running the biz, I’d have kept TouchOSC the same and introduced the new version as TouchOSCV2. But a) I’m not running the biz, and b) WTF do I know, anyway? 🙂

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