FAC Drumkit For iOS Now Available

Developer Fred Anton Corvest (FAC) has introduced FAC Drumkit for iOS (Universal), an AuV3 drum synth and sample player.

FAC Drumkit combines samples and synthesis to give you a wide range of drum sounds. The synthesizer section generally creates the body of the sound, and the sampler the unique character.


  • 16 Voices Drum Synthesizer and Stereo Sample Player (1 Synth/Sampler per voice)
  • 2 oscillators (16 Waveforms) per voice with filters and phase modulation
  • 1 sample player per voice with sample position, filters, phase and stereo control
  • Advanced Pitch and Amp envelopes with multi control points and delay
  • Envelope templates, modifiers and copy/paste
  • Mixer page: 16 voices (Multi Output)
  • Drum PAD page: voices triggered by drum pad (MIDI OUT and Velocity Sensitive)
  • Includes classic drum machines built in presets for inspiration
  • iOS AuV3 – Multi Output (If Supported By HOST) – Universal (iPad/iPhone)

Overview playlist:

Pricing and Availability

FAC Drumkit is available now for $13.99 USD.

4 thoughts on “FAC Drumkit For iOS Now Available

  1. I tried it out, and there are a few things to be aware of:

    PROS: nice clean UI, feature set is cool for basic drum tones, envelope editing is pretty straight-forward, great synthy drum tones, fun presets

    CONS: 1 second limit for samples, seems like MIDI velocity is hardwired to amp– but not assignable to any other parameters, 1 ms minimum for attack time

  2. Got almost all his plugins but not sure if I’ll buy this one though. Apple made it very clear during WWDC2021 that the iPad will never feature their pro apps such as Logic and will always be an overpriced tablet to watch Netflix. After a decade and multiple iPads I’m done waiting. F# you Apple!

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