New Drum Machine For iOS, Hammerhead, Has Old-School Heritage

Developer Bram Bos has introduced Hammerhead for iOS – a modern version of his 25 year-old Hammerhead Rhythm Station application.

Here’s what Bos has to say about it:

“The little shark is back. After 25 years, the new Hammerhead is a fresh, mobile reinterpretation of the classic software drum computer that started it all. Hammerhead is still simple, fun and playful. It still feels like a little 90s groovebox. Except this time it fits in your pocket, it integrates in your plugin ecosystem and comes with a lot more creative possibilities…”


  • Dozens of classic sounds and loops ‘from the good old days’
  • Import your own WAVs
  • Built-in simple drum synth for designing your own percussive sounds
  • Supports polyrhythms and polymeters
  • Runs standalone, or as an AUv3 (Audio Unit) plugin in any host
  • Universal app (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), fully responsive design
  • Trigger sounds – or entire patterns – using MIDI
  • Separate outputs for each channel (in hosts which support multi-out AUv3)
  • MIDI output from the AUv3 (in hosts which support MIDI AUv3)

Here’s a video demo, via DJ Puzzle:

Pricing and Availability:

Hammerhead is available now for $7.99 USD.

10 thoughts on “New Drum Machine For iOS, Hammerhead, Has Old-School Heritage

  1. I used to use the original one on a windows nt computer so long ago, making so many rhythms then export the channels to wav then sequence those in magix music maker 3.0 lol, definitely got to check this out for the ios devices for the nostalgia but it sounds like a lot of helpful features were added too like separate outputs for each channel, nice one bram bros!

  2. It’s nice to be able to adjust the velocities with a reasonably sized field. If you know what you are doing, or experiment a bit, you can make grooves sound way more finessed.

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