Arturia Pigments 3 In Depth Overview

Reader Mark Barkan shared this in depth look at Arturia Pigments 3, a major update that adds a variety of new synthesis options: additive synthesis, a utility engine with sub oscillator and dual noise sample players, the filter from Jup-8 V, four new effects and more.

Topics covered:

00:00:00 Intro & Overview
00:00:56 Arturia & Pigments & Price
00:03:40 New Features
00:06:48 Good & Bad
00:10:02 Overview
00:12:47 Presets
00:19:03 Modulation
00:26:59 OSC Engines
00:29:49 Wavetable
00:38:40 Sample
00:48:35 Utility
00:53:24 Additive
01:09:32 Conclusion

2 thoughts on “Arturia Pigments 3 In Depth Overview

  1. Wavetable synths can generate good analog bass, but it takes added work to get there. Everything else pops up more easily, but you’ll still get a clean tone that needs dirtied up a little for grittier jobs. If I match Pigments with a focused VA, it comes to life more readily. The digital and analog aspects blend well.

    I wouldn’t recommend it as a first synth, but its a very good second one. Sometimes it feels like a whopper of an effects unit as much as a synth. I’m glad that Arturia is backing it up with useful upgrades. Its half workhorse and part mad scientist kit.

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