Moog Ending Production Dark Series Grandmother & Matriarch Synths

Moog has announced that it’s ending production of the Dark Series versions of the Matriarch and Grandmother keyboard synthesizers:

“Originally released with distinct multi-colored overlays, Grandmother and Matriarch have become staples in studio setups and live performance settings, go-to synthesizers for beginners, and multifaceted creative tools used by musicians of all skill levels to explore the power of analog sound.

The all-black aesthetic of Dark Series came about as a nod to the modular control panel designs that inspired their very creation. The circuitry, spirit, and analog effects of Grandmother and Matriarch are derived from the classic Moog modular synthesizers designed by Bob Moog himself during the ’60s and ’70s.

Dark Series for Matriarch and Grandmother strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern with a timeless look of early Moog modular systems—and with all the functionality and versatility these two state-of-the-art sound design machines are known for.”

Here’s a live performance by synthesist Lisa Bella Donna that features the Dark Series synths:


30 thoughts on “Moog Ending Production Dark Series Grandmother & Matriarch Synths

      1. Alright, let’s see, I deeply respect Moog’s progressive employee owned business structure. Just for you Gadi!

    1. I thought the way they did eurorack-as-standalone instruments was pretty classy. I agree that doing modules of the filter, envelope, vca, etc. that thousands of others have already cloned would be pointless and very un-moog.

      1. I thought it was good as well for the 1st set . I think another set in moogy way with a smaller form factor would be cool

    2. Why not? How many different Moog mono-synths do you need? How does more Moog Eurorack negatively impact you? Are you aware other people exist who want things that you don’t, and those wants are just as valid?

      1. I highly doubt that my comment would influence Moog to follow suit and abandon their plans. Furthermore,
        you’re certainly not short of choices within the Eurorack realm.

        1. but in Moog land we are short in choices in the eurorack realm. Moog is Moog and eurorack is a format that isn’t going anywhere. its far from crap and very fun 🙂 its just a smaller format with more patching options much better

  1. Bygones to bygones….RIP Dark Series…BTW….
    I’ve personally never bought a synth based on its color…now Arturia is doing it…do the synths sound better being a darker color?

  2. At least the knobs aren’t colored so shitty, you gotta buy button caps to see where the hell they’re pointing. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU KORG!!! )

  3. Coming next: for no apparent reason, a red one and an electric green one. Only the red one will have knobs with pointers.

  4. Can say I’m disappointed by this.. was hoping to get a dark matriarch at some point. Probably end up with a PolyBrute or something else instead. Really not into the kiddie radio shack color vibe of the originals.

    1. Yup. Agreed. Moog should ditch the regular version colors and only produce the black version.

      Yeah, for just a bit more $$, the Polybrute is arguably a much more practical synthesizer.

      1. The black versions might be great for conformists and people that are afraid of new things, but the original versions are iconic, striking and usable.

  5. Erg…. why keep the ugly versions and discontinue the good looking versions. Moog, please hire a product designer and drop the hippy nonsense, it hasn’t been the 60’s for a long time.

    1. Vintage nostalgia drives a huge portion of synthesizer and gear sales in general. This stuff is supposed to be fun, have you forgotten that?

  6. I think the original versions are MUCH cooler looking; I have the original Matriarch. But I acknowledge that many others disagree. If you do prefer the “dark series” please don’t assume that everyone agrees with you. Some of us like some color on our synths, on our cars, on our walls, etc. Different strokes and all that.

    1. I have the original too. and yeah, it does sort of look goofy. However, i recently watched a video featuring the black outfit. I couldn’t tell which buttons were moving. there really is a positive use for the colors. But something for everyone! Right now, you can push your money whichever way you like. And like – you will! 🙂

  7. While I like the dark versions of these synths, I grew to love the colorful versions. Having not seen a dark version in person, the photos made it look kinda sad and devoid of life compared to the vibrant colorful look of the original version.

    1. I have a Grandmother dark, and it is gorgeous in person. The pictures don’t do the synth justice until you see it in front of you. Moog’s craftsmanship is a thing to behold.

  8. I bought both (in black) just a few months ago. The colorful ones are cool too but not for me. Weird that they would stop making the more professional-looking versions but they know their market.

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