Korg Intros Wavestate, Opsix Software Synthesizers

Korg today introduced wavestate native and opsix native, fully-compatible software versions of their popular  wavestate and opsix hardware synthesizers.

Both are available in VST3, AAX, and standalone formats on both macOS and Windows, as well as AU on macOS.

Korg says that the synths give you the best of both worlds, by having software and hardware versions that are fully compatible.

You can exchange sounds seamlessly between the two, making music in your DAW with the native plug-ins and their rich visual interfaces, and then move to the hardware version for live performance. Or you can create sounds with the hardware’s physical knobs and sliders, and then use those sounds in your DAW.

wavestate native

wavestate native is the fully compatible software counterpart to the hardware wavestate. It features Wave Sequencing 2.0, which lets you create evolving sounds, with extensive real-time control and animated visualization. Quickly identify modulation sources using real-time displays of all envelopes, LFOs, and other primary modulation sources. Easily create modulation routings using drag-and-drop, and get an overview of all routings via the Mod List.

opsix native

opsix native has the exact same sound engine as opsix. The user interface has been re-designed to retain the concept but with a unique UI, including the iconic opsix operator-mixer, so that even those who have never used opsix before can understand the workflow.

Pricing and Availability

Both wavestate and opsix are available now, with an intro price of $149 each (normally $199). Owners of the hardware wavestate or opsix are eligible for a crossgrade license to the software versions for $49.99.

35 thoughts on “Korg Intros Wavestate, Opsix Software Synthesizers

  1. Already bought before this was even posted 🙂

    I used to own the hardware Wavestate- loved the sound, hated the form factor and menu diving- this makes far more sense to me. Great Job Korg.

  2. This is a very cool idea. I know people are going to complain about the lack of physical controls, but it gives people a chance to buy the opsix and wavestate sound engines for a fraction of the cost of hardware without having to take up any extra desk space.

    1. Exactly! been hoping for a module version, since I’m not interested in adding another synth with keyboard to my studio due to the space it uses. Very happy to see that they went this direction!

      1. $149 would feel steep for iOS although KORG has been pretty good as far as updating their apps every year to avoid breakage. $30 or less though and it would be an instant buy. KORG iOS apps are fantastic.

    1. Their ios Wavestation is much better featured than the original, close to the new one in many respects. Has waveseq 2.0 before they called it that. Could be better/updated, but it’s still pretty killer.

  3. I love my Opsix, I’ve been using it quite a bit in my sound design work. It’s the most accessible/fast FM synth I’ve ever used. I’ve been interested in the Wavestate but haven’t wanted it enough to justify the cost. This solves that problem. Both plugins will be mine. I’m curious to see if we get a Modwave next.

    1. Ideally that would be the case as well as the plug-ins acting as a editor/librarian for the hardware. Would love to see if it’s real time, one to one, changing parameters on one affects the other and vice versa. Would love to see this idea expanded upon,

  4. Oh boy, I’m going to have a Wavestate! I was wary of the added workspace hardware and less than generous display. This addresses everything but the release velocity (AFAIK) and its probably an assignable parameter. It has quite a few nice voices, but for me, it’ll be a liberating rhythm source. With four engines, whew… Someone will have to bring me food. I’ll be too busy wearing out that random patch generator button. Sold!

  5. Makes more sense than those cheap plastic enclosures they packed these in. This is BYOC (bring your own controller). I’ve bought the opsix.

  6. I bought both. I couldn’t see spending $1,500 for both as hardware synths, but 300 bucks for both plugins is something I couldn’t pass up.

  7. Seems it can’t be installed to an external disk. Do I have to use 3GB of my system disk for it? No thanks. Anyone know a way round that?

      1. Wavestate is about 2.5GB including samples etc.. Normally you can install the samples to a separate external hard drive, but doesn’t seem possible with the Wavestate installer, and you can’t install it without the samples.

        I just wanted to try the demo but not sure if I can be bothered to fill up my main disk with it.

  8. I love my Wavestate hardware synth. The Wavestate is such a versatile synth! I noodle with it a lot! I think the software version is awesome too! Korg did a home run on this!

    I may down load it. Pricing is good for me!

    Thanks Korg!!

  9. just purchased Opsix plugin within 3 minutes of demoing it, WOW.

    so what i realized is that Opsix is an incredible sounding VA subtractive poly synth before even touching the FM features, and it has filter models of the MS20 and Poly6 and the effects section seems to have all the effects from Minilogue XD. it has a great modulation matrix as well. i am really surprised and blown away by this, very cool.

  10. Anyone having issues installing the Wavestate demo? OpSix seemed to install easily. I’m using the Korg Software Pass. DAWs cannot locate OpSix, so I’m guessing the demos are standalone-only (?). From what I’ve seen thus far from OpSix they won’t be demo versions on my system for long…WOW!

  11. As soon as the hardware Wavestate was released i loved it, but saw it as “software in a custom cpu box” and wished Korg had released it as vst software instead of hardware, because i did not want another hardware unit taking up my limited studio space. And then they “hinted” at the SE version, so i thought at least i’ll wait for that to justify both the money spent and the studio space for it. And waited …. then, because i really loved its beautiful (software) audio engine, i bought the hardware Wavestate, thinking that Korg would never introduce it as vst software while they are still selling the hardware at the same time … how wrong i was! … Now i have the vst software Wavestate which i absolutely love for its trully wonderful audio engine AND one hardware Wavestate which i never liked (the hardware, not the audio engine) and which i will pack and leave it in storage (wasted money). Thank you Korg. I have tons of fun and inspiration with my “Wavestate” … but spent too much money for it. I will think harder next time before buying.

  12. Is it posible to know where the library is installed, and if it can be moved to an external HDD?. I´m really interested in both but I´don´t want more date in my main SSD unit. Thank you¡¡

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