Behringer Intros RSF Kobol, Kobol Expander Knockoffs

Behringer today introduced their Kobol Expander, an unofficial copy of the original RSF Expander from 1979.

Their version updates the original by resizing it to be Eurorack compatible, and adds USB and DIN MIDI control.

This follows their recently announcement of the Behringer Kobol, below, a knockoff of the RSF Kobol from 1978, a rare synth described by some as ‘The French Minimoog”.

The RSF Kobol keyboard is a dual-oscillator monophonic analog synthesizer that offers some unique features for synths of its day, including a sequencer and patch memory.

The RSF Kobol Expander is essentially a rack-mount synth voice, based on the Kobol.

Pricing and Availability

Behringer has not announced details for pricing or availability for the two new synths. They have tagged the synths as #hardvaporware, though, a term they’ve used for their recent synth introductions that they’re unable to put into production because of limited parts availability.

14 thoughts on “Behringer Intros RSF Kobol, Kobol Expander Knockoffs

  1. I would be curious to hear one of these. never seen a kobol in the wild.

    also, its so nice and peaceful in here before the flame war starts

  2. What makes this one unique, when the sequencer and patch memory is cut away?

    When the supply-chain has stabilized, then it going to be crazy with all the devices Behringer has teased, they could make their own Synthesizer shopping magazine/ Catalogue.

  3. I’m with you on the peaceful part! As this is a discontinued, obscure instrument, I personally don’t mind this at all. If they capture the sound and functionality, and the build is good, I say go for it.

    1. In Shenzhen, there is a term – Shanzhai – that describes the culture of quickly and affordably copying products. According to an article on the topic, the word means “Mountain Fortress” in Cantonese and originally referred to a gang-controlled monopoly outside of government control. These days, it refers to the broad culture of copying and cost-reducing popular products to gain market share without requiring radical innovation.

  4. I find this not very interesting if it is just another standard subtractive synth. Of the announcements the proton would interest me the most as it has something different from most subtractive synths e.g. looping envelopes

  5. Would be cool if Behringer made a keyboard you could plug most of those desktop/rack synths into, like it almost looks like in the photo.

  6. Cool. I’m announcing an Elka Synthex remake. $10. Unlimited quantities. It will be out some time. Maybe.

  7. which by what you wrote: ” without requiring radical innovation” implies that maybe the is no RADICAL, but has some (even if just barely noticable) innovation.


  8. Bheringer, please please please, make a clone of the “best polysynth” no one talks about, RSF POLYKOBOL 2, you don’t have to have the cassette player/recorder, just clone the rest, this would be the best by far clone you will ever do IMHO!

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